Strange new "OneBox" behavior

“OneBox” refers to the previews that appear in a post when you post a link, showing the headline, a picture from the link, and a few lines of text. Something new has been appearing: There is now an additional picture next to the name of the site – it appears to be the site’s favicon. But it is being displayed vastly distorted, stretched excessively in the vertical direction.

Is anybody else seeing this, or is it just me and by browser?

Here is an example, a link copied from another thread. I see now, it looks completely normal in the preview pane. It’s the little “SN” icon I’m talking about. In the original post, as I see it, it looks awful.

Here is the link to original post where I saw this:

Is anybody else seeing the same thing?

ETA: Okay, I’ve posted this here, and it looks right. What is going on here?

ETA-2: Whoops! After posting the first ETA, it looks distorted now.

It looks normal to me.

Yes, it’s browser-specific, and appears to be related to a Discourse update. It started happening recently on my Windows version of Firefox (which is somewhat out of date – an update might fix it) but it does not happen on my tablet under Firefox for Android.

I see it using Safari on my iPhone. Every link has a distorted icon image.

Looking normal in Chrome for Android to me.

Is anyone actually going to look into fixing this? It’s really annoying and looks terrible when reading the board on my phone, which is pretty much the only way I access it.

It’s even worse than that: Besides looking lousy, it also takes up a lot of unnecessary screen space, because those “OneBoxes” are much larger than they should be.