Strangers With Candy

Has anyone seen Strangers with Candy? It’s kind of a send-up of Degrassi type school shows with little lessons and melodrama in every episode, with a little immoral (opposite of a moral) at the end. If you haven’t seen this show, I’d recommend looking for it at your local video store. It stars Amy Sedaris (sister to author David) as a 46 year old high school freshman. I’m sitting through a little marathon (I have all the DVDs out from Netflix), and I think it is quite good… reminds me of Kids in the Hall for its humor.

I read a few of David’s books. And I watched some of the Strangers show.

I never made the connection between his sister and her acting career and Amy Sedaris until much later. Not until I was her on “Sex and the City”.

I consider Amy Sedaris’s character the least appealing reason to watch. Maybe she played the part too well.

The teachers and her family were more interesting. I loved how the principle had the tried to get the whole cult of personality thing going in the school with the Lenin-esque revolutionary minimalist portraits.

And how Stephen Colbert or whoever was teaching class about how native americans are “godless savages.”

I watched that every night at 2 in the morn’ when it was on repeats. That could explain my grades that year lol. Anyhoo, I was hoping they might do somemore of the series but something better has happened… a movie!!! A movie is in the works. Here is the best link to any info I could find in 5 seconds…

You must visit here.

This show is absolutely my favorite televised series. Next time you watch an episode, pay careful attention to the set design. The props department did an outstanding job on the production. Well-written and spot-on parody of the after-school special genre. I own seasons 1 and 2 and am eagerly anticipating season 3.

I loved this show too. So un-P.C. and such a refreshing change from most of the other crap passing as comedy in the last several years. Great stories, unique, wonderful characters. Her brother is funny but Amy Sedaris is even more talented, IMHO.

I don’t suppose they will ever put the DVDs out in Europe/region 2, though…:frowning:

(scene: two people looking at a nekkid painting of Jerri Blank)

“What is that?”

“Looks like two longshoremen fighting over a squirrel.”

Makes me giggle just thinking about it. The DVD is well worth the price of admission.