Strangers with Candy

Has anyone seen this show on Comedy Central? I thought it was just really weird at first, when they were doing all the promos for it. But it’s really a very funny show with some great writing. I actually look forward to it now. If you haven’t seen it, give it a try. You might like it or think it’s complete crap, but it’s still funny. Steven (Stephen?) Colbert from The Daily Show is in it. He was always my favorite correspondent for TDS, and he’s hellu funny on SWC.

Anyway, I was just wondering what you guys, who watch TV, think of the show. I think it’s hilarious.

My girl and I love it. It parodies anything in society people get overly melodramatic about (drugs, eating disorders, race.). The principal’s “open your mind” movie was hilarious. “You didn’t expect me, did you?”

I wanna be like Principal Blackman when I grow up!

Oh, and I still laugh everytime I hear “Flatpoint High”. I love that.

Oh, and I just love posting replies to my own posts.

I’ve only seen two or three episodes of the show, but the commercials are so funny! "on a monumentally progressive strangers with candy. . . "