Steven Colbert is the most underappreciated comic actor of all time.

And I guess since most people know him from the Daily Show, where he never really gets to shine.

I’ve decided to randomly announce that Steven Colbert’s performance as “Chuck Noblet” in Strangers With Candy was the greatest comic performance of all time.

Well, he’s funnier than Mo Rocca, but a cholera outbreak is funnier than Mo Rocca. So take that praise for what it’s worth.

I just noticed last night that he is also one of the voices on Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, perhaps that of Harvey itself (they did not list who he voiced).

If you have no idea what this is, check out Adult Swim, funniest programming ever (well, right next to TV Funhouse anyway).

Bah, you bastards. Did anyone actually SEE “Strangers With Candy”?

I don’t think Steven Colbert could carry Steve Carrell’s jock. I think Carrell’s a pure comedic geniusand ranks right behind Lewis Black as the best thing the “Daily Show” has going for it. Nobody can do a sarcastic laugh like him. I think his best work, though, is as part of “The Ambiguously Gay Duo.” That, and the point-counterpoint segment he does with Colbert. Colbert is a funny guy and he’s great with the deadpan, but he’s no Carrell.

Ahhhhh, I guess not.

If only more than 3 people had watched Strangers With Candy, you’d all realize how absolutely brilliant his acting could be when given good material to work with. There’s only so much you can do with a psuedojournalist like on The Daily Show.

He was very funny in Strangers With Candy. He needs to break out and get a gig that allows him to shine.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you… I was… I was just so concerned… that I ran home and hid for a while… and then took my wife to dinner.”

Man, Stephen Colbert is the only crush I’ve ever had on a male.

Well, maybe Mike Patton too.

Ignatius, you do know that Steve does Ace’s voice in the AGD?

“Strangers with Candy” is absolute genius. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Amy, Steve, and Paul and they’re all sweet and intelligent and nothing like their characters; Amy especially is a wonderful actress, like in THE BOOK OF LIZ Off-Broadway. Check out Lizardsir’s SWC page for more.

What was the short film Steven Colbert was in about psychiatrists? It was done in a kind of educational film/ Twilight Zone style and the main thing I remember is him being chased by doctors with power tools (they were trying to lobotomize him) through a hedge maze. It was really funny, but also kind of creepy.

The Daily Show just has great great great writers.

I heard something about the former editor of The Onion being their head writer or something.

Does anyone happen to know where you can get ahold of “Exit 57”? A show the SWC crew did a while ago… I can’t find it anywhere.