Strangers With Candy

Has anybody seen this show, and if so like it?
i love this show to death.
I love the humor!!

I have the DVD sets… and i am waiting for the movie which i think is coming out later in 2005 can’t wait.

Yes it’s my second favorite show. Amy, Paul and Stephen have a book called Wigfield, did you read it? They also perform the CD verson. It’s very awesome. It’s all about a small town whose only industry is the strip bar “Tit Time.” The three play all the members of the whole town. Stephen Colbert is the author being paid by the word to chronicle the town’s demise.

I’ll talk to you about Strangers With Candy. What’s your favorite part?

My top parts are when Janeane Garafalo is the guidance councellor and she lights up a smoke and yells at Jerri for being jealous that her daddy isn’t dead. I think the teachers all take a steam bath in that episode and you get to look at Onyx Blackman’s man-boobies.

I also loved it when Jerri got to take a hot tub with the track team and they were doing synchronized swimming to that song “I love to go swimmin with women.”

I think I will watch the DVDs again.

I have the first two box sets and was kind of expecting that the friends who gave them to me would give me the third for my birthday (which was Monday but you all still have time to shop), but they gave me Wigfield instead. Great show, with one of my favorite one-liners ever. From the debate team/bulimia episode, when Jerri’s family rushes in looking all concerned and the step-mom says “We came as soon as we felt like it.”

There’s a Strangers with Candymovie coming out this October. I can’t wait!


From that same debate team episode, I love that song that’s always playing and describing Jerri’s situation.

The “pot smoking” episode rivals some of the best single-episodes of comedy of all time.

The cop going underover as a student. “Hey, man - do you know where I could score some big fat DOOBIES??

Jerri falling for the dope smoking chick. “That’s a honey of a humidor you’ve got there.”

hobo camp?

I adore Stranger With Candy and it’s mean spirited comedy, and wish I had the money for the DVDs. I had no idea they were making a movie. There’s something to look forward to.

The over dramatized scene of Steven Colbert teaching Keri how to read is classic :cool: .

Yep, great show. I think the relationship between Chuck and Geoffrey is hi-larious, they’re always making out in some out of the way place. If I remember the DVD commentary right, they said they originally intended to come up with fantasies about how Chuck’s wife was dead. A couple of my favorite moments: the one about the artificial flower plant plant, where Chuck has a mustache, and keeps dreaming about being a rockstar; When Geoffrey confronts Jeri’s family about her eating disorder (?), and in the process says things to the meat man (Stu), like “Simmer down, Stu,” and something about a “beef, Stu.” Too many to list, but Jeri talking about some sort of crude drug or sexual experience is always good for a laugh.

I was disappointed when it was canceled. It seems like it must have had a decent following, or at least among semi- and full-celebrities considering the last show’s guest stars. Does anyone know the reasons for the show’s demise?

we have wigfield and i listended to the audio cds… TOO FUNNY! :slight_smile: i love that book. ^^

ya the Janeane Garafalo episode is pretty good where her father dies

i really like the episode where the n word is spray painted on the wall, that one is pretty classic.

Also the last episode where the school gets blown up. “where did you get those sticky buns” “at the sticky bunnery”

and i LOVE the episode where Jerri finds her son and they go to the golf school dance, where she goes with the violent student. And tries to make out with her son… of whom she traded for a guitar when he was a baby.

Orlando is one of my fave characters. Jerri is such an ass to him, its great.

My favorite was where Mr. Noblet tutors Jerri in violin. (I play the violin so I go dorky over anything violinish.) It was great because when they played they really hammed up the I-can’t-play-at-all-but-it-doesn’t-matter-cause-we’re-dubbing-it factor, and the music they used to dub it was so obviously synthasized. And then at the end, during the credits, Noblet and Jerri kind of have a dueling-violins thing, and this time they don’t dub it with anything, so they’re facing off and basically playing crap. It’s great.

Come to think of it, I love all of the stuff they have during the credits. I think there was one with like a dance party. Friggen hilarious.

Noblet and Jellineck going at it in the restroom in the park gives me the willies! :eek:

Favorite line: “Does a pimp carry a switchblade?” "I don’t know! :eek: "

Is it just me, or does Conny Rice look kinda like a black Jerri Blank? :smiley:

I’ll take a stab at it.

It was clever, well writen, had a talanted cast, deeply and darkly funny.

Yep. Waaay too good for the masses.

Most (all?) of the first season eps ended with a dance party sequence.

“I’ve got something to say…”

Don’t think it’s necessarily my favorite part, but the part that I remember most vividly, mainly because it shocked a friend of mine into indignation, was, I tink, in the “Glint” episode. Jerri is reminiscing about a drug trip, and says, with a wistful look in her eye, “… I woke up with blood on my ass, good times, good times!”


“I like the pole and the hole, and I wanna make your pinky all stinky…”


you can’t beat “strangers with candy.” seriously genius stuff.

i always liked the double negatives they used, because that’s how my dad would always talk to us when we were being punished, and we had no idea how to answer his questions. he’d be like “do you not understand what you haven’t done here?” and my sister and i would sheepishly look towards each other, both hoping not to be the first one to attempt an answer.

i can’t remember specific quotes, but noblet had some good lines.

Another SWC lover here. I just popped in to let you know that, through the magic of my DVR and Comcast, I have discovered that Comedy Central is still airing episodes at 3 a.m. on Sundays or something. I’m not sure when they’re on, but do a search with your DVR and set to record the series. Eventually you’ll pick up a little collection of episodes to enjoy at your leisure.

Haven’t seen the show, but David Sedaris is a true genius. His essay on working one Christmas season as a Macy’s Department Store elf is outstanding (you can find it in his collection, “Holidays on Ice”). Just reading the words on a page doesn’t do it justice - his delivery is half the fun.