Strangest food you've eaten recently?

For lunch today, the canteen at work out did itself.

Goose Lasagne.

Lasagne. Made with ground goose. And peas. :dubious:

It was strange, but oddly pleasent.

Anyone else chowed down on the bizarre recently?

I had what was described as Angler Fish when I was in France earlier in the year, though this may have been a translation error. Tasty, meaty flesh all the same.

I’ve heard it can be greasy.

Strangest thing I’ve eaten recently was crayfish eggs - I didn’t especially want to, but it was expected of me - because I have this (not entirely undeserved) reputation for eating anything and everything.

They tasted of nothing.

shakes fist in impotent rage

On the benthic cruise we had with the students two weeks ago, we got lots of sea cucumbers (Parastichopus tremulus). We gutted them, cut them into thin strips, and fried them with lime, chilli and ginger. They went down like a charm!

I tried some sort of fish eggs the last time I visited the sushi joint. I think it was smelt. It was like licking the deck of a shrimp boat.

Trying to cleanse my palate with the wasabi stuff was probably not a good idea.

You’ll find it for sale here in the US as ‘monkfish’. It’s also called ‘poor man’s lobster’, which is kinda funny because the last time I saw it for sale it was actually a bit more expensive than lobster. According to the nice people at the Monterey Bay Aquarium you shouldn’t eat it because it’s likely overfished. I wasn’t that impressed the last few times I had it, especially for the money it cost.

The most recent truly weird thing I’ve eaten still stands at Durian fruit this past summer.

I haven’t eaten anything really weird recently, but I had Duck this week (which is something that I never ate until relatively recently. ) MilliCal likes it, and so do our Beasts (the cats), but I find it incredibly greasy.

Salmiakki (salted licorice laxative candy for scandinavians). I’ve been determined to like this stuff because I have yet to put a piece in my mouth, chew and then swallow. I’ve trained myself to really like things I didn’t always like such as beer, caviar, cucumbers (not all the way there yet), indian food. Something tells me I will always think salmiakki is weird and criminal.

Well that’s a bit disappointing. I suppose I was aware that there are lots of species in the ‘Angler Fish’ category. And I didn’t notice the terrifying teeth, luminous dangler or parasitic husband when it was served up…

You know they have a pill for that now?
I haven’t eaten anything weird except maybe boiled peanuts. Some consider them weird, but many people love them me included. I added some bacon salt to the water so they were even better.

I also had some stuffed grape leaves last week, a little unusual but not too weird.

I’m not into extremely weird foods, just the slightly odd.

Bear sausage a couple of weeks ago. It was good.

I had a durian shake at a local Cambodian restaurant. You know that greasy smell in the subway? It tasted like a cross between that and propane, with hints of sour milk and vomit.


I just ate a still frozen waffle. It was blueberry.

Does haggis count?

I´ve eaten many things that I have no idea what they were…

Meat jello.

Okay, I’m pretty sure that’s not what it was called, but it was some sliced loaf of chunks of meat suspended in gelatin/aspic. I had it in Prague. It was not what I thought I ordered. It was not good. So, so not good.

Sourdough bread spread with goose grease and sprinkled with black pepper. It was pretty good.

I like “izakayas”, a kind of Japanese tapas or drinking snack restaurant. The last time I went to one, one of the snacks was listed as “firefly squid”, and liking squid, I ordered some.

It was more like squid liver. It smelled strongly of fish liver or guts, like when you gut a mackerel, yet it had an unpleasantly gristly texture. I like exotic foods, but this stuff was gross. We had to have the waitress remove it from the table, as the smell of it was making us sick.