Strangest Request by your Partner

What is the strangest sexual request a partner - past or present - has asked of you? Age/Gender.

I dunno if I’d consider that a strange request. I’d almost say it’s mandatory information.

“Marry me.”

Have not yet complied.


“Burn me with a cigarette, baby!” and “Make noises like a jungle gorilla! Louder! LOUDER!” are a couple of the ones I remember from way back when I was young and fairly promiscuous.


“Bite my nipples. Harder! Bite them OFF!”

I declined.


You and the OP should travel the Dope, setting 'em up and knocking 'em down.


  1. “Smack me. Harder. Harder. Pinch it. Harder.” I had a bruise on my palm for days.

  2. ATM.



In all seriousness the strangest request was being asked if she could perform a rusty trombone on me, though she didn’t call it that.

I know I’m going to regret asking but … I assume “ATM” in this context has nothing to do with those machines that dispense money in response to one’s ATM card, so, umm, what…?

Ass to mouth. Blech.

I dated a guy who was obsessed with pee for a while … he would BEG for a golden shower. Nope - couldn’t do it.

On the day his sister/roommate had broken up with her boyfriend of two years, to do it in his car (my boyfriend’s, not hers) while it was parked outside their house.

It’s a good thing I never had him for a sensitive fella…

Male, he is 12 years younger than I am [and will be all our lives … this is not a current relationship]

He is a masochist. Prior to him I was not a top.

I don’t understand being wired for pain, honestly I really avoid pain whenever possible [though if it is unavoidable, I can suck it up and tolerate a fair amount] but I was willing to accommodate him. At least it was a learning experience though it didn’t help me get my jollies, he really enjoyed it. Pain did seem to accent his pleasure in some way.

On the plus side, in a pinch I have collar and assorted restraint devices in case I need to restrain someone ever again and I suppose a marketable skill in the right market :smiley:

Maybe he’s really sensitive to endorphins, like he was getting a sexy version of a runner’s high.

This was several years ago, when my then-boyfriend and I were exploring a lot of different kinks with each other. These were all things that he wanted me to do to or for him:

  1. cutting (this is the one that made me most uncomfortable)
  2. choking
  3. furry play (specifically, dressing up in a furry catsuit)
    The request that I found “strangest” came from a different beau, who asked me to cover his face with my armpit when he was about to come. I was happy to indulge him, but in my whole kinky life, he’s the only person I’ve met with an armpit fetish.


ETA: Oops, temporarily blocked one out.
4. wanted to perform cunnilingus on me while I was having my period. NO.

About ten minutes before I lost my virginity-
Him-“Do you have any lipstick?”
Him-“I’m gonna go down on you and I want to wear your lipstick.”
(I let him have it)

The strangest one was a negative request: Don’t get physical with the cat watching.

“Draw on me” (with magic markers).
She was a she, not sure about her age though - we were both in our mid twenties.

I had a girlfriend who wanted me to drink her pee. We broke up before we had the opportunity to explore that particular kink. This is the same girl that would frequently go down on me after we’d have sex during her period. Not a request, so much; she’d just do it.

Another GF liked me to satisfy her rape fantasy- in the back of a taxi in NYC tear off her panties and take her without warning, or barge into her apartment, blindfold her & tie her up and violate her, that sort of thing.

Another loved- LOVED- getting pearl necklaces. I guess the act itself isn’t so strange, but it soon became the standard way for me to finish and was her favorite way to receive cum. She’d get off while I was complying.

Oh- for clarity as per the OP: I’m a guy, my partners were all women, and we were both anywhere between 22-30. I’m in my 40’s now.

He wanted to paint me with liquid latex because he’d seen it on some sex program on tv. It was very clammy. It also turned out to be pretty much anti-sexy for both of us, although peeling it off me later was fun. I’m thirty and female.

I think you are at least partially correct.

I have had more than enough pain in my life that I really don’t court it for myself, and I really have no problem causing someone else pain if that is what they really want. I have noticed that to a point pain distracts me from concentrating on stuff, but sometimes pain can focus the mind, so maybe that is part of it also.