The most unusual "sex proposition" you've ever received?

Let’s get it straight from the get-go that this doesn’t mean weirdest thing that you’ve ACTUALLY DONE, but rather the oddest thing you’ve been asked to try, or had someone hint to you they’d like to try. And not just the ordinary kinky stuff like bondage or cross-dressing, but really truly out of left field requests.

For me, the oddest thing I’ve ever had anyone ask was the guy who wanted to drool into my mouth. (honest to God, I am not making this up.) Needless to say, I declined. Broke it off with him soon afterward. Okay, maybe there’s always some spit swapping in french kissing – which i’ve done – but the idea of simply opening my mouth and having someone goober in it was just too strange, IMHO. But it got me to wondering what other wacky stuff people out there want to do, or have done to them. Any one out there brave enough to 'fess up?

Well, I don’t know if this actually counts . . . But an actual gangster wanted to set me up as his moll in Atlantic City about 18 years ago. He was pretty good-looking, too, as gangsters go.

I was trying to project an icy “Grace Kelly in Rear Window” persona. But I guess I came off more “Barbara Stanwyck in Double Indemnity.”

P.S. The little girl said “no, thank you.”

The first was strange but not extreme.

I was sitting in a club with a few girlfriends when a girl came up to tell me that a friend of hers was attracted to me but was too shy to come ask me to dance. I was really charmed and told her to relay the message that I would love to dance with him. We danced and then I invited him to sit and talk to a while (he was gorgeous in a Skeet Urlich sort of way). Over the next few hours we sat and talked and had a great time. During this time, the girl and the guy she was with (I found out later that it was her husband) would come whisper to him or motion him over to talk. Finally, he confessed that he and his friends were looking for a second female to have a 4-way. Of all the people in the bar, they had all agreed that I would be the one they would ask. They explained that all three of them had to agree on the same person. :rolleyes: To make things even more bizarre, they had a video camera and planned on taping us.

I had a few drinks in me, but I wasn’t drunk enough to go for it. The last hour and a half was spent with all three of them trying to convince me. All three of them were great looking and I always wondered. . . . . :wink:

Another -

I was dating a guy for a few weeks when we started talking about porns one night. I told him about my little collection and promised that we would watch them one day. He started to tell me about the movies he owns including a bestiality film. The more he talked about it, the more he started to get turned on. It ended up with him trying to convince me to let his chocolate lab perform oral sex and even intercourse on me. The guy was persistent kept trying to talk me into it. I got the impression that it wouldn’t have been the first time he and his dog shared a woman.

I never went out with him again. Neither he nor his dog scored with me.


My darling friend and his boyfriend attempted to talk me into letting them both eat me out at the same time.

If I wasn’t in a relationship at the time, I would have gone for it so fast! Two attractive men wanting to perform oral sex on ME at the SAME TIME!! I get giddy just thinking about!

:giggling gleefully:

“My darling friend and his boyfriend attempted to talk me into letting them both eat me out at the same time.”

Hmmmm, clue me in a little. Two gay men want to do this to you at the same time? Is that it? That’s a little too frecky for me.

As for me, well one time a woman was sitting on the sofa with me & all of a sudden she asked me if I liked pain & suffice to say, that’s as far as that relationship ever went.

Oh…most unusual invitation…

For actual sex it has to be the guy who tried to debate me into bed over ICQ. First time “Do you have a cite for that?” has crossed my lips in “foreplay”. (He failed. But he was smart…)

For act…um…the girl who asked me to roll joints on her chest. I don’t smoke pot or tobacco. I’m not bi, however much I want to be. I didn’t have a problem with it, There were just a lot more willing people at the party she was ignoring to ask me to.

“Are you interested in having sex without getting emotionally involved?” (falls off chair laughing in delight)

When I was delivering pizza, I once delivered an order to a party with a bunch of people I knew. The girl whose house it was, who was VERY drunk, offered oral sex for free pizza. I turned her down and let some of the guys know just how drunk the girl was, so they could watch out for her. Luckily for her, most of the guys there were friends, so she was able to get in bed and sleep it off safely and peacefully.

I have many interesting stories from when I was a dancer:

I was giving a regular a lap dance when he reached into the neck of his golf shirt and handed me a tiny leather string saying, “I have a present.”

I looked at the string and asked what is was. He replied, “Just pull it.”

I pulled. Nothing came out of his shirt.

I yanked. He moaned.

He had tied the end of it to his penis. :rolleyes: Yeah, present for whom, freak!

Then there was the guy that put his belt around his neck and had me lead him around the bar. I declined his invitation to handcuff him to the sink in the men’s room and walk on his back with my heels on. (though I DID use this idea later :D)

There was another guy who worked out an elaborate scheme to get a threesome with his wife and me. I mentioned that I had never met his wife and didn’t know if I was attracted to her and he offered to pay me.

I had him kicked out.

There was another man who actually went and GOT a hotel room (The Athenium…very nice hotel in Detroit), gave me the key and said he’d tip me there.

Had him kicked out, too.

There was the guy that was the cross-dresser that wanted to try on one of my dresses. I took him to the dressing room to try it on and found out that under his jeans and rubber t-shirt, he was wearing a fuchsia satin g-string.

And on, and on, and on.

Gee, I don’t have anything nearly as interesting as what has come before. The weirdest thing (which really seems less weird now that I have read this thread) is a guy I knew who hit on me by trying to lick my eyeballs. Not my eye lids … the actual eyeballs. Dude! I wear contact lenses! Get yer tongue outta there! I guess this might be sexy to some people, but I couldn’t get past the possibility that $100 might end up down the tubes (literally) if things didn’t work out properly.

Then, he tried this approach on my roommate, who was into it, and they ended up dating briefly.

A girl I work with had a nasty breakup with her boyfriend. He owned the car they shared, and took it with him. Since I drive the shuttle van, she called me for a ride. I picked her up and wound up driving her to work every day for a couple of months. Finally, she decided to quit. She put in her two weeks notice, and when I picked her up the next morning she told me she wanted to give me something to thank me. So I followed her inside, where she began unbuttoning my shirt. We had sex on the couch, and I’m still awaiting my $5 from the Penthouse forum.

Being offered a video tape of a girl I used to date and her roomie having their second lesbian experience in exchange for me leaving my girlfriend.

I married the girlfriend but would have really, really liked to have seen that tape. But it was probably an old episode of Johnny Quest.

I had been dating a woman for a very short time. We were lying in bed after an early morning encounter, talking about sex in general. She then asks, “Uh, have you ever hear of ‘fisting’? I’ve always wanted to try that!” :eek:

What the hell. My hands aren’t too big. We both enjoyed the experience quite a bit.

I used to frequent (and live upstairs from) a tiny bar in a small, rural Japanese town. Before I moved into the neighborhood, the only contact the other regulars seemed to have had with foreigners was through watching western porn videos. As a result, they were all convinced that I was rather, erm, ‘endowed’.

Anyway, one evening, some of them came to the bar with their female co-workers and started telling them about the foreigner with the huge schlong who lived upstairs. As luck would have it, I came in just after they had drunk enough to wash away the last of their inhibitions, and was immediately greeted at the door by two women grabbing at my crotch and demanding that I “show them”.

They went home that evening satisfied with what they had seen. :wink:


I have never heard of anybody wanting to that.

I hope to never hear of it agian.

Ummm. Pretend that says “again”.

Some guy told me I had a ‘clean face’ and asked me if I was ‘into homosexual activity’. I told him no, and he said that was too bad because he was. It was kinda unnerving, the guy had a strange speech impediment and kept looking at me very funny, and not in the way I’d think someone would look at someone they were propositioning.

My SO was late picking me up from work one evening. Like 2 hours late.

So I was hanging out at the bar next door waiting for him. I get into a conversation with the guy next to me- middle-aged, somewhat potato-like but he seemed nice enough.

He starts telling me about his days with the Company and various covert operations he was involved in (oh, and hinting darkly about Watergate). OK. Well, I could uses some entertainment. Takes my mind off worrying about where my boyfriend is. And for all I know he had been in the CIA. What do ex-spies look like, James Bond?

We chat about the Cold War for an hour or so. Then he says he has to go. But…before he leaves…he was just wondering…since I seem nice…would I consider coming out to his car with him and…putting make-up on him.

Didn’t see that coming.

Actually, it’s usually me who thinks of these things, if you must know.

One time I went over to this guy’s place I met on the Internet, and I guess I must have looked a little disappointed - he was forty or forty-five, and not terribly attractive. So he offered me a massage with some nice oil or something. I said what the hell. It seemed to make him happy. He also gave me a blowjob. And that was my good deed for the week.

I’ve never turned down a freaky proposition just because of its freakiness, actually. One time this girl I knew asked if I wanted to have a threesome with her & her boyfriend. I’ve had threesomes before & since, but I turned her down because she & her BF were fat & unattractive. Oh yeah, & once this guy offered me twenty bucks to see my underpants, but I was at work & didn’t think my boss would appreciate me doing that on company time.