Strawberry peppercorn ice cream is weird and wonderful

I had it for the first time tonight and it’s delicious and very odd. It’s a strawberry peppercorn ice cream with slices of strawberry and chocolate flakes. Found at Kroger, Private Selection brand.

Who wants a scoop? And I know we’ve talked weird ice cream before, but what’s the weirdest-sounding flavor you’ve had that you found delicious?

In the last couple of months I’ve made basil, black pepper, and aniseseed ice creams. That’s three different kinds, not one kind with all three flavors mixed together. I’ve also got a recipe for orange/szechuan peppercorn that I’ll be trying next.

That sounds really intriguing. Strawberry really isn’t one of my favorite flavors. I think orange might work better.

Interesting. Strawberry & black pepper is a somewhat well-known pairing, but I’ve never had it in the form of ice cream. Sounds really good to me–would love to try it , but we don’t have Krogers around where I live.

On a semi-related note, that re-tooled Kroger (Ralphs, here in southern CA) Private Selection ice cream is really delicious. I tried the sea salt caramel truffle a few weeks back and it was pretty spectacular for a “store brand” ice cream.

They have a number of pretty odd flavors, strawberry peppercorn being the one I was afraid to try :slight_smile:

I think I liked the strawberry peppercorn and the coconut caramel flan the best. The other flavors, like the caramel truffle or the black forest had too much of the extra ingredients in relation to the amount of ice cream for me. The black forest, especially, had so much of the cherry stuff that I found it overwhelming for my palate.

I’m actually not a big fan of ice cream in general, but I own a countertop ice cream maker (mostly for sorbets until recently). I had a fantastic salted burnt caramel ice cream a few months ago, and in looking for a recipe I found The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz. I have since found that making ice cream is a lot easier and faster than I thought, and that homemade ice cream beats storebought stuff every time. In addition to the ones I’ve already mentioned, I’ve tried Lebovitz’ recipes for cinnamon, chipotle chocolate, and salted burnt caramel. The caramel is far and away my favorite, and I have made it in ‘mild’ and ‘saltier and more burnt’ versions for kids and adults respectively.

With an instant-read thermometer all the guesswork is taken out of making a custard base for the ice cream; there are a bunch of non-custard ice creams in that book, too. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to try making the stuff to match your own personal preferences. Lebovitz has a lot of other good recipes on his website, for that matter. The tomato tart is particularly good.