Stream-Of-Consiousness thread... HARDCORE STYLE!

now, to take advantage of the activation of the Quik-Post option at ~1:00 AM, 4/14/02, we will have a stream of consiousness thread. everyone will come in and post what they were just thinking, immediately before opening the thread.

you may analyze other people’s thoughts, but you must post what you were thinking at the end of your post, at least. we want to keep things fair, after all!

as thread originator, i will get things started with my own thought…

“gee golly, Quik-Post is fun!”

I wonder if anyone has responded to my comment about the word “furshlugginer” in this Pit thread:

Apparently they haven’t.

Thought #2: How do I make links work with this Quik-Post dealy?

I just noticed this Quik-Post thing, and wondered what it was! Looks cool to me!

I’m sitting here at 2:50 a.m. reading the SDMB and opening my mail of the past few days.

I see an envelope that has EXPIRATION NOTICE stamped across the front.

I see that it is from CapitalOne.

I have never transacted any sort of business with them.

I hate this sort of “advertising”. Bastards.
However, this quick reply box is pretty cool.

Just use the <url=“”>this thread</url> notation instead. (Replace the <> with of course.) I just used that in another thread, so it has to work. Right?

Now, back to the stream-of-consciousness…

“Was that a goat?”

What if it WASN’T a goat? start scary music

“hey, it’s two AM. i wonder if i should start on the work due sunday at three PM? NAWWW! let’s go check on my S-O-C thread. hey! six whole posts in there now! cool!”

Ribbitt, Ribbitt, small frogs are singing outside…

I can learn to like this new option very quickly.




This pen is broken.

Cool, all the coding buttons aren’t in the quick reply thing, so having learned all the codes is at least a little bit useful again. Unless Already in Use meant that you actually can’t post a link at all.

I have a Capital One credit card. I got a pre-approved offer in the mail for a 0% APR on balance transfers for a year from Sallie Mae (you’d think if there was anyone that knew not to lend me money, it’d be them), and I phoned it in but they rejected me. How humiliating is that.

I saw Death to Smoochy again tonight. I’b best quit now before this post gets filled with thirty-three chorouses of “Friends Come in All Sizes,” because that’s what’s floating through my head at the moment.

friends come in all sizes, friends come in all sizes, friends come in all sizes, yes it’s true!

Stop it! I swear, that song gets in your brain and lays eggs like an earwig, then scuttles off until - BAM! - out of the blue they hatch and you can’t get it friends come in all sizes out.
Ow. Ow. Ow. Okay, it’s gone now.

I am incredibly horny.

I don’t think Gaudere likes me anymore.

Damn! It stinks in here! Did that come outta me?

Do I really want to drive to Austin today?

What’s for breakfast?

I have to clean the frog tank today. I hate that.

The Norton AntiVirus thing popped up (like it has every day since we bought the computer) and I was thinking, “How the hell do we get this to stop popping up?”