So life is complex. Fuck it, all our lives are complex. I need to figure out some stress management, and I need it now. In 72 hours I will no longer need it, but between then and now I’m in deep doo-doo.

I can’t SLEEP. I’m irritable, angry, unable to focus and freaked out. I want to pass this damned freaking test on Saturday SO badly, that I literally cannot think straight. I can feel my blood pressure pounding.

All of this is doing me zero good, I need to be studying more and freaking less. I’ve never had to study like this for something I wanted this badly in all my 122 years on this planet.

Help ! Something!?!?!?! College students, chime in. Wise sages, be sageful. Please <whimper>. I have to do this, I want to do this, but I’m a fucking slimy bucket of disaster and I am so NOT used to feeling this way, and dearly wish to not be.



When I’m too stressed to study, I do something to relieve it. Exercise, take a brisk walk around the block, have sex, have Meatloaf blaring from the stereo and dance around the living room for about 10 minutes.

Once that’s worked out of my system, it’s easier to study.

Get sleep. Accomplish this by any means available. Buy some of those sleep pills. Hit yourself on the head with a baseball bat.

And then, tell yourself that you’re the smartest guy in the whole freakin world, and this test will be easy for you.

When you’re studying, take breaks when you feel distracted. Reward yourself after a straight hour of productive studying.

If nothing else helps, sex will. :slight_smile: You’ve got to give your mind a break.

Bah, I see in preview that Arden beat me to suggesting sex.

Put your running shoes on or hop on your bike and go, hell bent for leather, until you can’t do it anymore. Take a break and then do it again.

Come home. Take a nice cool shower and hit the books. No coffee, no caffeine, just lots of water.

Good luck!

I would just like to congratulate you for continuing to educate yourself, even at such an age. It would be great if more people half your age were as dedicated. :slight_smile:

Deep breaths. Lots of deep breaths. I also second the walk idea. Take a small pad of paper and a pencil with you, so if a thought jumps in your head that you have to get down (say, something you want to remind yourself to look over again) you can write it down and not worry about remembering it again when you get back. Take big strides and deep breaths, and shake your arms every once in a while. You need to give your mind some time to turn over what you’ve been studying.

Frankly, sleep would help with this. A lot. But you’ve got to relax before you can sleep.

You might also try this: Take a ten minute break and write about your stress. Write about your greatest fear (a question you can’t answer, feeling blocked when you know the answer is in your head somewhere, etc). Get it out and down on paper. I read that immunosuppressed people who wrote about their stress showed symptom improvement after three days or brief writings. Surely it could have some benefits for you, too.

Good luck.

Kudos Cartooniverse, sharing your feelings when you are feeling stressed is a solid start. You’ve already gotten some great suggestions, and I would like to add a few of my ideas. You’ll note I tend to favor escapism. My least favorite first, and the rest in no particular order. Oxygenate your system by (ick) exercising, take a walk, a jog, a run, hack at a golf ball or swing at a baseball. Meditate. Reduce your caffeine intake and have an orange or otherwise increase your vitamin C. Watch a favorite flick. Read your favorite hilarious or frightening fiction. Try your child’s favorite video or computer game where you annihilate the ogres or zergs or some such creature. Luxuriate in a bubble bath, with soothing music and candles. It’s even better if you can find a bubble bath buddy! Act like a child, make mud pies, find a ‘cape’ and be superman, tickle the ‘other’ kids, build a fort with the furniture and sheets and have a pillow fight. Bake banana bread. It’s already been said by at least two previous two posters, but since it’s on my list of favorites I’m including it anyway. Make love or have sex. (Yup, I said make love and then I said have sex, not the same thing IMO, and two different kinds of relaxation or stress relief.) ;0 Finally, Sing something silly loudly. It’s also oxygenates your system and without (gasp) perspiration!

Congrats on completing the course and best wishes on the certification exam, Abby :slight_smile:

Aww, c’mere, baby, let me give you a hug. It’s gonna be OK, really. Just lay your head right there…HEY! Behave yourself!

Seriously, though…I find that exercise is the absolute best stress-buster for me. It gives your body something to do with all that adrenaline it’s pumping out. Go running, biking, hump like a bunny rabbit, whatever your favorite sweat-inducer is.

I tend to drink. Then again, I don’t really consider myself a role model.

Take the other people’s advice before trying mine.

Whatever you end up doing, here’s wishing you good luck.

(muttering) Now where did I hide that damn bottle of Maker’s Mark?

Hmmm. Most of the women in this thread have mentioned sex. I gotta stress out the women in my life more.:stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, 'Toon’vrse, I second exercize. Get your body pumping, destract your brain. I opened this thread becauze I recently got over a HUGE ammount of stress in my life. Unfortunately, my stress ( divorce ) was nothing like your stress, so I don’t know what to tell you. Good luck on the test, I’m sure you’ll ace it. Saturday evening, you’ll be stress free! Remember that. I wouldn’t have believed it a few months back, but I am more relaxed and happy that I’ve been in years. You will be too once you pass.

Hey, this is GREAT!!! Thank you all so much. I’m so whipped that the sleep portion will be easy tonight. As for the specifics?
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Not for nothing, but if my kids walked in and found me dancing with an immense meat loaf, I’d have LOTS more things to worry about than this test. :wink:

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This sounds perfect. I am getting back into riding my bike. Perhaps tonight a bubble bath in the jacuzzi with some candles and a nice New Yorker magazine. Tomorrow, study and do about 8 miles on the bike path.

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At such an age? Oye god. Fuck you :smiley: People half my age are already on life support. ( I’m laughing here, and that fuck you was meant with great affection…honest).
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COOL- Vitamin C huh? What does that book you’re perusing say about Hershey bars with Almonds, huh? Thank you for the imaginative and different options, Abby. You’re a thoughtful addition to the Teeming Millions. Stick around. I need a Lieutenant, to work with me on the Laminated I.D.'s for all the SDMB members :smiley:

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Hey, not for nothing, but who stuck out his hand- out of respect, and was told by YOU that " I don’t DO handshakes, gimme a hug". Hmmmm??? Methinks that was you, Oh Great Geological Woman. :wink:

After the written test on Thursday next, we will drive back up here from Queens, NYC where the on-site test is. Most of my compadres will get smashed. I’m a little weird, I never ever drink if I have to drive.

I’ll have my virgin banana daquiris, and party down. Thank you all, and keep the ideas coming ! This is so great. I knew I’d get terrific stuff if I turned to the people whose ideas and choices I respect the most.


Once again, best cure for insomnia… a joint. I don’t care if it is illegal – it works, nearly every time – and way fewer side-effects than most sleep medications. I am only suggesting this as an occasional sleep remedy, if it is a regular problem, see your MD. But if you are going to self-medicate, use what works.

As for all the remedies suggested (sex, walking, warm milk, etc.), they have their place, but I’m referring to situations where they don’t work.

Now, don’t go and get all Nancy Reagan on me… up here (Canada) we have parliamentarians talking about decriminalizing it, so I have role models to blame for my stance LOL.

Hey, that was just part of my clever scheme to get you to volunteer to be my personal slave. Worked, too, dinnit? :stuck_out_tongue:

Do a search on my posts, and read 'em. Guaranteed cure for insomnia! :eek:

Why yes, yes it did at that ! This puts an entirely new spin on life !!! We can lock this thread now !!! I’M FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Or, would be except that I’m her personal slave. But, she treats me as a near-equal. Man can’t ask for more than that, now can he?

Grovellingly yours,

No offense meant to bagkitty there, but lighting one up is a BAD idea. I learned from experience in college that whenever I smoked I wouldn’t be able to work my calculus problems for 2 - 3 days after. You don’t want that. The best stress/insomnia reliever I’ve found is heart pounding, sweat inducing exercise, just like everyone else has recommended.
Actually a triple shot of single-malt Irish also works for me, but the afteraffects are undesirable if you want to be in top form the next morning.

Anyway, we’re all pullin’ for ya’. Be sure to post after you pass your test.

Cartooniverse, my man, you are a strange fellow. But I loves ya anyway. Do let us know how the test goes, eh?

Nothing like closure, I always say. Okay, Geobabeocity, you asked. Here’s the last bump of a wheezing dying thread.

Two days after you posted that, I got to take those damned Practicals. I passed 5 out of 6. Got to re-take the 6th immediately onsite, and passed it on the second go-round. ( I had forgotten to count how many times my patient breathed per minute. Like breathing is important. Please. :rolleyes: )

Then, last Thursday the 21st, I took the NYS written exam, and passed it with an 85. 70 is required for passing. Yeah ! So now I’m an EMT. :smiley: :smiley: Thanks to all of you who brought me excellent suggestions on how to relieve stress. I did spend a lot of time on the bike. Drinking and smoking weren’t really a part of the game plan, but did bring back fond memories nonetheless.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Boards, already in progress.


COngratulations, babe!

Wooooo! Congrats, darlin’! Now, if you come to the July 5th magdalene/Sue Duhnym debauch, I will be certain to congratulate you properly in person. :wink: