Strike throughs?

How do I do a strikethrough on this message board?

[noparse][del]Like this.[/del][/noparse]


I [del]don’t[/del] think that will work.

[del]Argh, that’s not in the default vBulletin set.

I’ll see if I can get Jerry to put it back. This is why we don’t have hacks and custom stuff because when you have an upgrade you lose it.[/del]


ETA: Actually it is in the default set. [del] [/del]

It looks like it worked fine in [del]post #2[/del] post #3. (If “post #2” isn’t in strikeout font, something’s wrong with your display, not the coding.)

Ignore my post above except to show you that it works.

openbracket del closebracket turns it on

openbracket /del closebracket turns it off

Thanks. I didn’t connect DEL with strikethrough.


Another test [deg]

yet one more test [symbol]degree[/symbol]

This is an example of the perfect time to use noparse tags.


If you ever want to see how some coding is done, just find an example and use the quote function on it. The coding shows up explicitly in the quote.

FYI, don’t trust that. The symbol font doesn’t work on most web browsers, but it might work on your copy of Internet Explorer.

If you want to use the symbols used in the symbol font, use the Unicode alternative (copy the symbol from the right side). And, even then, try to make it understandable without the symbols, as they may not display properly on some phones.

[blink]Ha haaaa![/blink]

Oh. Damn. What’s the web coming to, anyways?

Thanks. I guess for the symbol I was trying, it’d be easier just to fire up the character map and c&p it from there.

[del] does it work[/del]