Stripping E-Mate?

Okay, I’m looking for these cute little animations that you can send via e-mail. One category is various women stripping, another is men stripping. There are holiday e-mates, too, as well as aliens that come and land, etc. There were humrous political ones, satires of famous characters (Star Wars, Batman)

I can’t remember the URL for this site and I can’t seem to find it searching. I’ve tried ‘E-mate/s’ ‘e-messenger/s’ and so on. Nothing is coming up.

Someone here must know what I’m talking about and where to find them!!


I highly recommend that you abandon this idea. People shouldn’t be running attachments they receive by email, and these little “humorous” attachments are precisely the sort of thing people use to disguise viruses, trojan horses, etc.

I hate people who send me e-cards and things like this from those websites which are set up as a way to harvest email adressess to spam. In spite that I warn everybody not to do it, I still get the ocassional e-greeting. A stern lecture follows…

I collect all of them from the site, except that damn dancing baby. I would down load the file. Run it first and customize the message. Send it as an attachment to your friend.

As for you others, Melpomene asked for the site, not a lecture.

Mostly I just collect them from the site or give the site link to friends.

Harmonious, these things are a pox. Even harmless ones promote the notion that it’s ok to run stuff that people email you. It’s not ok. It’s an extremely bad idea, and it’s how 99% of viruses these days are spread. Ok, I made that statistic up, but it’s a big number nonetheless.

Melpomene, if you’re the one sending those things to my grandma, cut it out. :slight_smile:

Yup, I believe we have gotten to the point where it is bad netiquette to send unsolicited e-junk of any kind. I get really tired of telling people that I appreciate their intention but I really do not want them forwarding all those jokes, chain emails, ULs, e-greetings etc. Please don’t think it is acceptable.

OTOH, I do have a few of those animations in my computer and I will supply them for the asking. A particularly cute one is the lamb which wanders around your windows and at times takes a nap etc. I have not used it in a while… i think I’ll start it now.

Really??? E-Greetings, such as Blue Mountain, too? I send a lot of those. I also have a buddy who sends me cartoons and jokes. These go to my hotmail address and before I dl them, they pass through MacAfee, but even if they just appear as an image, my Norton wouldn’t protect me? Or have I missed the point? I agree about the “spam” and other junk which I cannot identify, but to date I haven’t had a problem with something that has been forwarded to me. Please elaborate.



Criminey!! I wasn’t suggesting that I was going to send them out to random people who I get emails from! Shit! I wasn’t looking for a lecture (thank you Harmonious). If YOU do not like receiving things via email from your close friends and/or family or whatever, then tell them that (thank you sailor), don’t go running around assuming that everyone else in the world feels exactly the same way as you. This whole board is about fighting ignorance, so please don’t be the first in line to propagate it.

Oh, and Chas.E ~ I also think that by now people should learn to run virus protectors on their machines, as well as know what to look out for when receiving things from people they know. It really isn’t that difficult to avoid viruses & such if you know what to look out for. There’s a pretty obvious difference between things someone you know & trust sends you and something that only appears to be coming from that person or if it comes from a random place. It’s all about being cautious.

A HUGE thanks to Harmonious for the link. I have a very close friend who LOVES receiving these things and is going through a rough spot, so I thought I would send him one to put a smile on his face. BTW, I really like your nick.

Quasi, I think you’re fine. If someone you send a Blue Mountain link to, doesn’t like it, then they should inform you that they don’t want them. Otherwise, I don’t see anything wrong with “netiquette” in sending appropriate things to the appropriate people.


Wrong. It’s perfectly ok to run whatever you want on your computer. It’s yours, and it’s none of anybody else’s business what you run on it. It’s this attitude that has me swamped with work, including phone calls asking “can I open this e-mail from my sister???”

Common sense is the rule, and I’m tired of people getting browbeaten into terror regarding any message that arrives on the computer, and tired of the virus paranoia that is the current vogue (the daily updates from your friendly neighborhood virus company are to protect you from viruses that were created in THEIR LABS, not ones that were found floating around. Kind of like finding nails in the road, right in front of Joe’s Tire Repair Shop).

[end rant]

I do not care what anyone says, SPAM is not acceptable netiquette. When I am traveling and paying a pretty penny per minute I could kill all those spammers. Not only that, sometimes the connection is painfully slow and I cannot get to the emails I want because of all the unsolicited crap. Bandwidth is limited. Please do not send people unsolicited crap including chain letters, e-greetings etc.

E-greeting sites are a way for spammers to harvest email addresses. It is extremely annoying to start receiving spam at a new email address jut because some cute but dimwit girl decided it would be nice to send me an e-card even though I specifically told her not to. Please ask first before you send or forward any of this crap or any especially large attachment.

Yes, some people might enjoy them and you are free to send it to them, but it is common manners to ask first before you send anything like this. I do not enjoy paying by the minute to download crap.

Repeat after me: E-card sites harvest email addresses for spamming.

There USED to be an obvious difference, until virus writers learned how to hijack your machine and send mails with virus attachments under YOUR name to everyone in your address book. I guess you never heard of the Melissa, ILoveYou etc viruses?
People SHOULD learn things, but they never do. I remember one woman who showed me her new laptop and said, “ooh, you’ve got to see this cool animation someone sent me. I’ve been sending it to all my friends, my mother especially loves it!” And then she showed me a little program showing exploding fireworks. It was the Happy99 virus program. I told her it was a trojan horse and she refused to believe me.

Please don’t send unsolicited attachments, even to your friends. It just encourages people to use weak security practices. And they’ll be fooled someday when YOU get the next Melissa virus variant and they get a virus payload attachment from your email address.

*Originally posted by Chas.E *
There USED to be an obvious difference, until virus writers learned how to hijack your machine and send mails with virus attachments under YOUR name to everyone in your address book. I guess you never heard of the Melissa, ILoveYou etc viruses?



No, I only have to deal with these on a regular basis, working as an assistant to a national IT manager for a large company. Of course, you wouldn’t know that becaus eyou automatically jumped to conclusions, based solely upon my requesting a link for PERSONAL use in something that has ZERO effect on you.

Yes, there are scary little things out there that appear to come from someone you know, even ones that take a message already in their outbox and send it to you with the original attachment. Only, if you pay attention, you notice that the attachment is NOT the same as the first time it came through your inbox. So what do you do? You run it by your virus detector or you contact the sender to confirm or deny their sending it. It really is quite simple.


That is a fact and it is a sad one. However, I’m blessed enough to not have any close friends that are computer illiterate or “stupid” enough to have to worry about them confusing a virus with a picture of myself, or any silly thing, that I am sending them.


Well thank you for telling ME what to to in sending emails to MY friends and family. I’m not exactly sure how MY sending of something (truly) harmless with a message letting this one person know what it is, etc. is encouraging them to use weak security practices. In the past 7 years of my using e-mail I have never had a problem, either with people receiving things from me, or me sending them out.

Besides, the only way they could be fooled by a Melissa (or the like) virus is if I was fooled by it to get it and pass it on in the first place. Thank god I have the computer smarts to not let that happen. I have received 4 viruses via email in the past year and none of them have been passed on, because of my own cautionary tactics.

But I guess that just means I should stay paranoid like the rest of this overly-frightened society and not send anything other than text through e-mails.



Sending a friend a link to a site or sending something you downloaded yourself is NOT spam.



Nobody here has even MENTIONED or ALLUDED to sending unsolicited silly things or e-greetings or whatnot. Y’all have assumed that we’re these slow-minded teenagers who are just forwarding everything they get to a long list of e-mails! Shit, don’t you think that if we’re here, at Straight Dope, that you could at least give us the benefit of the doubt that we aren’t that idiotic.

Criminey! I just wanted a link to download one little goofy thing to send to one friend who collects them and this is what I get? This is disgusting.

Thanks again Harmonious. :slight_smile:

Virus protection programs are to protect you from viruses. There is no protection program in the world that can protect you from trojan horses, which is why you should never, ever run an executable program that you didn’t ask for. Since everyone else should not be running .EXEs that they didn’t ask for, either, you should never send someone an executable that they didn’t ask for. Many (not all, or even most) of these greeting-card emails work by attaching an executable file to the message. See the pattern here?

But even if viruses and trojans did not exist, it is just plain rude to send unsolicited stuff which inconvenieneces the receiver. Send it only if the other person has expressed a desire to receive this type of stuff.

>> Sending a friend a link to a site or sending something you downloaded yourself is NOT spam

You do not understand. When you go to to e-greetings-R-us and create a card, you give them my email address which they use to spam me. I take a dim view of that.

Sending me chain messages, programs, big files which I did not ask for without asking me first is quite rude and I get very annoyed when I get so much crap that I delete without even looking at. In general I have no interest in this kind of stuff and sending it to me without asking first is not good manners.

I have some friends sailing around the world and they have an email system called pocketmail which is slow and costs a small fortune. They do not take it kindly if you try to email them that MP3 you just downloaded. Ask first!

To that you can add the virus and trojan aspects. I do not run any antivirus and in all these years I have never been infected, just because I am careful. But if you keep sending grandma cute little exe files, you can be sure when the virus arrives she’ll be infected.

Use common sense. If I cut down a tree I can ask a neighbor if he would like some firewood but I cannot just go dump it on his yard assuming he will be grateful.

Melpomene, I didn’t mean to pick on you. If your friend has expressed an interest in receiving this type of thing, then, of course it is fine for you to send it to him but there are just too many people out there sending unsolicited stuff.

You say “If someone you send a Blue Mountain link to, doesn’t like it, then they should inform you that they don’t want them”

NO! you should ask first because once you have given my email address to Blue Mountain Shit, they are already spamming me and I can’t get off. Once you give them my email, the damage is already done. I do not give people my email address so they can give it to spamming sites without asking me first.

Okay, sailor, here’s the thing. We are in total agreement here. I don’t know why I feel the need to take all this so personally. I’ll chalk it up to PMS. You are saying exactly what I feel about emails & forwards, etc. I have dropped old HS acquaintances once I took off to college simply because I got tired of all the stupid shit that they would send me (that and they had nothing to offer me in a friendship anyway, but the emails were a good excuse).

In my own defense, I never forward things unless it’s a smallish item of interest to one single person. That happens once, maybe, a week - if at all. Sending files? If I find something interesting to someone, I send them an e-mail first, letting them know what I found and if they might want it. The only unsolicited things I’ve sent in recent weeks has been a few pictures I had taken recently which I sent to close family who live thousands of miles away.

I was simply looking for a link to send one single humorous item to a person who enjoys receiving items such as those. That’s all there is to it.

Yet, this one small request (which was answered - thanks) has sparked some huge firestorm of accusations and judgement calls based upon asking for this one link. I understand the concern in trying to educate people in the stupidity of constantly sending or forwarding crap to everyone you know. My frustration comes from the fact that I am not one of those people and I was offended at being judged in that sense.

So, now that I have explained that - please know that I do stand with you on what you are saying. The principles of basic respect within this system that can be so easily blown out of proportion and abused.

We’re a couple of people trying to move the same dresser to the same part of the room, but doing it in different ways. We are in agreement here.

Now that feels good to say all that. I no longer feel the need to take this personally since I know (to myself) and have clarified (to others here) my stance regarding unsolicited stuffs and on my reasons behind my request.

Thank you all for your stimulating conversation. :slight_smile:

Thanks sailor. :slight_smile: See my above post. :slight_smile:

Here, have a martini on me… \o/

>> Okay, sailor, here’s the thing. We are in total agreement here…

NO,NO NO, that will not do. If we are in total agreement there has to be a misunderstanding somewhere! :wink:

No, seriously now. I do not think anyone was trying to pick on you personally, but just that the general topic came up. And just so you know, I have a whole bunch of those cute files saved in my disk. I particularly enjoy the one of the sheep grazig all over your screen, then taking a nap etc. It is entertaining (after a while you get tired and just get rid of it until a few months later you miss it and reactivate it). Hey! if anyone wants any of these just email me!

Now that we’ve landed in Cuba, can we take the plane to Florida?

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