Stuck in a Pit Thread With You.

Stuck in a Pit Thread With You.
(Sung to the tune of Stuck in the Middle With You - With apologies to the band Steelers Wheel

Sing along if you like… ahem 1-2-3-4
Well I’m logging on to Straight Dope tonight.
I got the feeling that something ain’t right.
So drunk, I just 'bout fall off my chair,
And I wonder if I can type this impaired.

Trolls to left of me,
Dopers to the right, here I am,
Stuck in a Pit thread with you.

Yes I’mmmmmmmm stuck in a Pit thread with you,
And I wonder why I’m reading your poo.
It’s not hard to put you back in your place,
Cuz yer spellin iz a totle disgraze.

Trolls to left of me,
Dopers to the right, here I am,
Stuck in a Pit thread with you.
First you call him a bet-welcher,
Then you call him a goat-felcher, then

Your mama was insulted, and you’ve got to get him back,
So type,
SLEEEEE eee EEE eee eee eee eeze.
SLEEEEE eee EEE eee eee eee eeze.

I try to make some sense of this squall,
But I can see Bjorn makes no sense at all.
I’m worn and drank too many beers,
And I wish that this thread disappears.

Trolls to left of me,
Dopers to the right, here I am,
Stuck in a Pit thread with you.

Stuck in a Pit thread with you.
[sub]here I am,
Stuck in a Pit thread with you. [/sub]

Thanks, you've been a great audience.

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**On the Cover of the Ol' Straight Dope**

<walks in frowning after a miserable day>
<starts reading>
<reads more>
<starts laughing and doesn’t stop until he’s done>

thanks smug. you just made a bad day better :slight_smile: that has to be the best thing I’ve read for a while

I actually can sing along with that :slight_smile: not that you’d want to hear my horrible singing, especially when i’m sick :slight_smile:

Well done, smug! Very nice! That’s one of my favorite songs, and your cover version is most excellent!

[sub]so excellent, in fact, that I won’t berate you for mispelling Steelers. It’s Stealer’s.[/sub]

Well, it’s got a good beat and I could cut an ear off to it. I give it an 8.5

That was GREAT!

I would give you a 9.0 . I want to hear you sing it for the extra point :smiley:

I think only you and one other dude spell it that way.

I think it’s Steelers like the Pittsburgh NFL team.
It makes sense to me.
Steeler = metal worker who makes steel. Stealer = thief.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I think I’m right on this one.

But thanks Persephone! There are several openings for “groupie” available, interested? :smiley:

And thanks everyone, it was fun writing it.

OK, smug, you kick ass.

And, yes, I actually sang it…

BRAVO!! :slight_smile: Wow, that’s so cool!

Smug: Me, one other guy, and the guys in the band. :smiley:

Check this out, and this, which I got from Google.

'Cept I did spell it wrong. There’s no apostrophe in Stealers. :smiley:

Working nights and early mornings, have you been having paralyzers for breaky again m’dear?

Persephone, you’re right, it’s Stealers, thank you.
How silly of me to question your spelling correction. smacks forehead I should know better by now. :slight_smile:

Notice I said "I think” in the previous response.
I wasn’t sure, so thanks for the clarification.

Smug - This is one of the many reasons that you’re my hero. :wink:

No problemo, smuggy. BTW, I had that song in my head all day. Not a problem there, either, considering it’s one of my faves. And you did do an excellent job. :smiley:

ROFL! That was great! I have no idea what my patient (who’s lying behind me, getting a scan done) must have thought when he heard me half-singing/half-humming the song and cracking up. Thanks, Smug!

Ender, glad I’m not the only one who associates that song with Reservoir Dogs.


Hey, they’re playing my song!