stuck wang

I heard a story of men inserting their penises into glass bottle and getting them stuck due to all the blood. Is this true or is this an urban legend?

I searched Google and made this rather gruesome discovery…

I’m afraid to link anything more specific, due to the restrictions of this board.

IIRC Joe K they determined the object in the bottle was actually just a fungus growth.

Too bad for the poor guy that drank out of that bottle though, I am not sure which would be worse.

Yes I am, bet he was relieved.

Sorry about that. That’s the only thing that came up when I entered the query.

A fungus that looked like a penis? :confused:

Maybe it was a mushroom?

Here’s the snopes report, with picture:

It’s a mold, but I sure would have freaked if I’d found that in my drink.

Cute that the drink in question included “Potency” in its name.

Googling around under “penis stuck bottle” has traumatized me for the evening. I think the OP may have to solve this one himself…

(what makes you think your penis WOULDN’T get stuck, if you put it, limp, into a bottle and then it got hard?)

I did, however, turn up this Darwin Award Honorable Mention involving a vacuum cleaner. TMI warning for guys–brace yourself, and prepare to stagger away muttering, “Ow ow ow” and clutching your privates in sympathy.

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I have it on good authority that it has happened at at least one SCA event, locally.

Some fringy staggered out of his tent in the middle of the night to confront my friend (Site Constable) and beg him for help.

Wang was stuck in a Mickey’s bottle. And no, I don’t know if it was a widemouth bottle.

But ummm, wouldn’t just thinking about baseball be the easiest way to get unstuck? Not that I’ve ever been in the situation, but I think I’d find it difficult to remain aroused in such a predicament.

One problem is the cockring effect: the narrow opening of the bottle can squeeze and block off the blood vessels, preventing the erection from subsiding. You are then left with an increasingly painful hard-on even if you’re imagining yourself in a 3-way with Pete Rose and Marge Schott.

The myth also popped up in the film My life as a Dog. I think it was also in the book, too.

:snigger: I said “popped up” :snigger:

It’s true… the poor schmuck was crying because he was afraid he was going to have to go to the hospital.

Constable whipped out a small hammer, carefully tapped the bottel and it cracked right down the middle and fell off.

Guy was gone by sun-up.

Funniest incident report I’ve ever seen.