Stuff I never knew existed - $ 440 Ironing board with built in hold down vacuum pad!

Kind of interesting! Check it out - RELIABLE c88 Professional Portable Vacuum Table

I’ll admit it, I love to iron. It’s meditative and peaceful and has visual and immediate accomplishment. It’s perfect for keeping my short attention span. I spent a lot of money on a Rowenta (the Queen of irons). I am, however, trying to figure out why I would want/need/make use of an ironing table with a vacuum… is that to keep the garment in place or…?

I get by fine with a regular ironing board (and by having very few clothes that need ironing), and the description in that link sets off alarm bells for me.

Yeah, probably superior vacuum in the middle and none at the ends, where even they say it’s most important.

I’m reminded of a Steve Martin routine where he talked about what he did when he first got rich.

He bought a fur sink, an electric dog polisher, a $500 pair of socks,… “and then I bought some dumb stuff”.

Yoiks! I thought my $100 Brabantia ironing board was crazy expensive. Until we started using it, and finding that the broader flat top really is useful and the open mesh design allows the steam blasted out by the Rowenta Master iron to escape.

It is scary though, to think that someone sells an ironing board that costs more than my Brabantia/Rowenta duo, and there’s no iron included at that price.