Stuff you see all the time that you should really take a photo of

Every evening I walk my dogs at a dog park near some gubmint property. It’s bordered by a tall chain-link fence with spiralled barbed wire at the top, and has large, imposing signs about how this is Federal property and any violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of Federal and State law.

About three feet away from one of those signs, there’s an enormous marijuana plant growing.

Every time I see it, I wish I’d remembered to bring my camera.

My dog Polaris sleeps just like a human, on her back, with her head on a pillow. It’s the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen, but I’ve never been able to get a photo of it. Either she wakes up when I get up to get the camera, or the musical chime when I turn it on interests her. Either way, she’s then got to come over and sniff the strange contraption I’m holding.

There’s a big lot near where I live that used to be a large, historic restaurant. The building was recently moved and now it’s this incredibly beautiful overgrowth of grass and flowers coming up through all the pavement, wedged between a highway exit and a large road. Every time I pass it I wish I had a camera with me.

I live in a country where English is not the “native” language. There’s a building site on one of the main roads, and the hoarding outside lists what’s being built and who the various contractors are. One of them is a security company, who are (obviously) installing the security/alarm systems. Their slogan, writ large for all to see is:
"[Acme] Security, Invading Your Life and Keeping You Private"

Er … no thanks!

Kooky signs. There’s one in Bangalore that says “Commiting Nuisance Here is Strictly Prohibited”. I’ve always wanted a photograph of that. Also strange names of towns in England.

That sounds really lovely. A couple of years ago, my daily commute took me past a huge sunflower that was growing up out of the pavement in the shoulder of the freeway, between the carpool lane and the median. I really regret never photographing it.

Lissa, cutest dog ever!

In my case, it was something I saw every year and kept saying, “I’ve got to take a pic” – and last year, I finally did.

Each year, because it’s on a stretch of road where I vacation at a lake every year on the July 4 weekend. It’s a road sign that always amused me. And I’d never seen that particular addendum anywhere else but there…

Finally got the pic a year ago in the summer: Speed Limit

On one of my less traveled routes to work I drive by a house that has hundreds, possibly thousands, of stuffed animals and toys in the yard and the front porch, each strategically placed. It’s an amazing sight.

At certain times of the year I am driving home, West on the 10 Fwy toward downtown L.A. and when the sun is setting you get some of the most amazing colors, oranges and reds and yellows, against the downtown skyline. When there is spotty clouds it can give a very cool effect. Since Iam in my car I never take a picture of it, although I often think I should pull over and do so.

Sometimes, just before sunset, the dry, brown, ugly-ass hills east of Santa Clara Valley turn the most beautiful purple with an orange glow for highlights. I see it when I’m driving home from work, especially in the early fall.

When I drive towards New York City on Route 3 in Rutherford NJ, there’s a bridge that goes over a river. At the top of the bridge it looks like the Empire State Building is coming up out of the swamps and river. I’ll try to get a picture, but it means I’ll have to stop on the shoulder of the bridge.

Monstre’s reminds be of a couple street signs I saw on the same pole: Slow Children. Dead End Street.

There’s a llama farm near me and when we drive by there is often a llama outside the barn standing on a box to peek through a window into the barn. We never have a camera when we see it.

There was a Phillips 66 filling station that was torn down shortly before I moved to Lafayette in 2001. The pole-mounted sign, however, is still up – advertising gasoline at something like $1.689 a gallon. I wonder how many recent visitors to Lafayette have seen the sign and headed to the site in search of a putative bargain, only to see their hopes dashed.

When I was living in Lousiana there was a church with “The Friendliest Church in Town” painted on the building. There was also a sign that read “Parishoner Parking Only. All others will be towed.” Wish I had a picture of that.

On the ground floor of the buidling I work in there are large glass plaques with the names of donors engraved into them. The wall behind the plaques has a light wood grain pattern, so you can’t read the names unless you get very close. One of the donors came here this week and someone slipped a dark piece of paper behind his name! I think its wonderfully tacky and would love to take of pciture of it.

In the town I grew up in (Western, NY) there is a funeral home with a large sign on which is written the name:

Pronounced: Am-eh-go-nee.

Spelled: Am I Gone
I always ment to get a shot of that.
Plus there is the cemetary just past the on ramp to the freeway. As you are driving up you see the “One Way” sign pointing in, looking as if it’s pointing into the cemetary.

My high school was located across two campuses, kitty-corner from each other (used to be two different schools). The intersection between them is at the top of a hill, and the crest is pretty sharp. The sign located on this intersection, in the middle of campus? “Abrupt Grade Change.”

Dogs hanging out of car/truck windows. I’ve always wanted to do a portfolio of goofy dogs taking the breezes, some of which are hilarious.

I keep seeing cut-up wieners on top of mailboxes and newspaper distribution boxes.

I know one of the Memphis dopers took a picture of Lee’s Sushi (located in a gas station on Poplar Ave.), and in one of Jay Leno’s ‘headline’ books there’s a pic of a local funeral home sign on… er… Airways Ave. (“Ages 0 to 86” I think is the age range.) Should take a picture of my own though, one of these days.

The other thing that I should take a pic of is my cat when she’s curled up sleeping (awww, cuuuute) or when my Dad is hassling her (holding her the ‘wrong’ way, dancing about with her, etc.). Picture the facial expressions of Hyacinth Bucket when she’s flustered or perturbed upon a cat.

<< You don’t need to look at my chest. These aren’t the breasts you’re looking for. Move along. >>

This thread actually inspired me to take a picture of something I’ve been meaning to get.

Some taggers hit a few of the stops signs about a block away from my house recently. The city replaced one of them, not knowing that another one still existed:

I know, it’s not that original, but it does amuse me.