Stupid Online Gamers Ranting

I’m sure most (if not everyone) on these boards who play online games have come across a particularily infuriating player, so as I don’t think my story will carry a whole thread feel free to post your own experiences.

I play City of Heroes. I recently teamed up with quite possibly the worst player ever.

I play a “defender” - a healer. I am the person on a team who heals and brings back from the dead (“res’ing”) the rest of the team, should it be needed. As such, I generally stay back and use ranged attacks on enemies, since if I die often no-one’s there to res me.

This other player, mighty avenger, is a “blaster”. As the name suggests, this type of character is one with a low amount of hitpoints but can do a lot of damage at range. At range.

Non-stupid player: “Hmm. This means i’d better stay away from the enemy and just blast away at them.”
mighty avenger: “Hmm. The best thing for me to do is charge directly at the enemy and fire off a few shots right in the middle of them, attracting all their attention onto me, and then retreat to a range distance, resulting in the whole group of enemies running after me and slapbang into the sane other blasters and defender.”

This strategy, surprisingly enough, resulted in mighty avenger being killed a lot (as well as a lot of hassle for the rest of us). After dealing with the rest of the enemies (with none of the other team members getting themselves killed, since they weren’t idiots), I would res him.

Non-stupid player: “Hmm. My strategy is getting me killed much more than everyone else. Perhaps my strategy isn’t as good as the other blasters; it might be better just to ape how they play.”
mighty avenger: “Hmm. My strategy is getting me killed much more than everyone else. Clearly this is the fault of the defender, who isn’t healing me when I need it, despite that i’m gaining much more damage than the defender can heal by making 6-7 enemies stand around me hitting me with bats instead of letting those who can take that much damage go first. I’d better verbally abuse the defender; that’s the solution!”

In case it’s not obvious; Gah!

Hm… seems like the last thing you would want to do is piss off the defender. “Gee, looks like I’m all out of healing power, sorry! You get to stay dead, bye.”

Actually, if your power is limited, maybe you should tell his stupid ass that you’re not going to keep healing him because it limits your abilities to heal other, more tactically aware, members. Your powers are for the team, not for the exclusive use of its most dimwitted member. Will the rest of the team back you up?

WoW priest here. I know exactly what you mean. Stupid mages taking aggro all the damn time. Seriously, if you’re not a druid in bear form, a warrior, or a paladin, you’d better not tease the mobs till they attack you.

Our shaman (who also plays a mage) absolutely refuses not to take aggro. In his mind, if he isn’t taking the most damage (which indicates he’s doing the most), he isn’t doing his job right. :rolleyes: Meanwhile, the warrior is pissed off, I run out of mana really fast, and at least half the time the guy dies anyway. Now, I’ll just refuse to heal him if the warrior is getting hurt. Tanks get healed first, not stupid little mages/shaman who don’t know how to play their classes. This, of course, gets me yelled at. Like yelling at the priest is a good idea. Maybe if I piss her off more she’ll heal me better! :rolleyes:

Oh, and if you’re a mage type, pulling is not your job. Seriously, let someone with some HP pull that group of 5 mobs back.

Heh. I’ve been working on a short range elementalist in Guild Wars. Of course, part of that strategy revolves around defensive spells, so even if I get agro I’m not so easy to kill.

Moron I ran into while trying to finish the second Factions mission–A warrior (tank). With literally no armor. I have no idea why that is, he said he’d sold it* and was trying to gather materials for better. Huh? Why get rid of the starter stuff? You can’t sell it, and you can’t salvage it for crafting supplies, so to get rid of it you literally have to destroy it–why wasn’t he wearing at least that? And the constant requests for items to salvage were grating.

Oh, and he also insisted on pulling every group of mobs. Yeah, with no armor. Our assassin (who pretty much ended up tanking) didn’t die as much as the warrior, although he was close.

Needless to say, that group didn’t manage to finish the mission.

*Actually, this thought just occured to me…he probably pawned it off onto some unsuspecting newbie. Armor in GW can technically be sold to other players, but it can only be worn by the person it’s crafted for, so selling it is pretty useless.

Perhaps the Defender could use a Smart Bomb? (quickly activates ‘inviso’ power)

But it’s fun to actually punch people. More fun than blasting away. Plus a blaster’s melee attacks are often pretty powerful.

Still, with one shot kills more common the higher one’s level, I prefer to hit from extreme range as much as possible. Hopefully, by the time something is close enough to punch, it is ready to fall.

[Stands on City of Heroes soap-box]
Hey, could be worse, you could have a Tanker with you. Then you’d get all the joy of having to constantly heal someone who COULDN’T DO ANYTHING USEFUL.
[Gets down from soap-box]

(My appologies to any tankers out there. Extra bitter-flakes this morning for a feeling as if I somehow wasted many hours getting one to level 34, only to find it unsoloable, and not that well groupable unless all I want to do is stand there and take hits)

Any shaman who isn’t main tanking should be roundly ignored if he EVER yells for healing. He can freaking heal himself! This goes for pallys as well. If you’re not main tanking, you can take the 2 seconds to pop off a healing wave or a holy light. Don’t bogart the mana, dude…

  • Don’t piss the cleric.
  • Don’t yell at the hunter for laying down traps.
  • Ask about loot rules. If people remark that you should lay off the “need” button, do.
  • The space key is your friend, use it to bounce yourself out of half-casts.
  • If you’re a mage, stay away from the mobs and keep your “freeze mobs” handy.
  • If you’re a hunter, stay away from the mobs and switch growl off.
  • If you’re a healer, pretty please don’t use your mana to blast.
  • Don’t use area attacks around sheep (BAAAAH!)
  • If you have crowd control, indicate what will you be sheeping/seducing/sapping.

And, in case I forgot it:

  • Don’t, ever, piss the cleric. Or the paladin. Or the druid. Or the huntress with the gnomish gizmo :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously. Our shaman is fond of saying “But if I heal, it’ll use up my mana.” What, you think I get to do it for free or something? :rolleyes:

I’d say any shaman taking aggro off the warrior should be soundly ignored…

As far as the OP. Oh yes. We all get them. Out of curiosity what level was the dummy?

(Does make me think about sweeping the dust off my copy of CoH…)

As a player whose mains are a mage and a warrior, let me say, amen!

While Aggrotards – as I’ve come to term the particular brand of idiot that goes out of his way to draw mobs off of the warrior – come in all shapes, sizes and classes, by far the most annoying occurences of this (which seem all too frequent when I’m tanking) are when the party’s frelling priest pulls it. Hey, priest: you’re the priest. That means you stay the fuck back and heal. Failing that, you run away, leave the rest us to our fates, and then resurrect us all when the dust settles. Yes, I’m sure you are partially Shadow-speced. Good for you. When you’re doing solo grinding, hey, go to town with the black magic and lay the smack down. You soloing right now? No? Really? You’re not? Huh. That must mean you’re in a group. Good. So shut the hell up, stand the fuck back, and HEAL. Next time you decide you’re Saruman the Great and fling piddling-ass shadow bolts around while bonking the mobs with your cute little 20-dps stick instead of doing your motherfucking JOB, I’ll be damned if I’m going to drop the three mobs I’m still fighting and run back and save your stupid ass. Except I will, because I have to, because no one else in the group can heal or res because you’re the fucking priest…grumble, grumble…

(Why yes, it is a pet peeve of mine when priests take aggro; why do you ask?)

As regards pulling, I’ve actually been in instance parties where the others (generally not the tank, who knows his place in such matters, but the rest of 'em) actually request, nay, insist that my mage should pull. To these requests, I most oft repond thus:

Er…no. Or, wait, maybe…hell no. Hold it – fuck no – yeah, there’s the ticket. Actually, you know what, sure, let me just hurl a Frostbolt into that group of dragon hatchlings, thereby causing a bare minimum of three of them to come and start gnawing on my squishy 800hp ass as the tank proclaims “WTF?!” and desperately tries to draw aggro, and the priest wastes all his mana trying (and probably failing) to keep me alive. Yes, that will be delightful; I’ll get right on it…oh, shoot, in the time you’ve been bitching me out for not pulling, the warrior has pulled, apparently under the impression that’s what he was here for. Guess I’ll just have to stand back a bit and provide ranged DPS support and the occasional sheep. Ah well, maybe next time.

And hey, while I’m bitching, I have one more mage rant. To all groups, everywhere, large and small, hither and yon, I beseech you from the depths of my very soul: stop for a moment, smell the roses, admire the scenery, contemplate the meaning of life, rest your weary bodies, and let the caster get some fucking mana.

Thank you.

Since when to people pay enough attention for that to matter? I have it bound to a macro, and it still doesn’t help half the time–and the other half it’s a sheep pull.

You also forgot

*If you are a warlock, don’t dot everything in sight unless there’s no crowd control being used.
*If you are a pet class. Dismiss your pets. Now. Do it now! No, don’t jump ye…crud.

Hilarious and completely accurate rant. Why a priest would want aggro is beyond me. I’ll hit fade and stick up my shield the moment anything starts walking towards me.

And you reminded me with the mana thing… One of our warriors believes his rage bar being full is more important than the priest having mana. Constantly charges from battle to battle. Gotta have rage or he can’t keep aggro, he says. And the best way to do this? Why, charge into a room full of mobs. Charging gives rage! Rage good! Ow! Priest heal? HEAAALLLL!!

Priest: oom. Heal yourself, fool.

I played a 60 priest in WoW for about six months doing nothing but groups, so I know the pain.

My plan? Heal the nukers less and less until they learn that the healer’s primary job is keeping the MT alive. If they die a few times and still won’t listen to instruction, no more rezzing; they get to walk back every time. Sure, it may mean your instance run crashes and burns when the kid quits, but it’s worth it to teach that important lesson. :wink:

(I play WoW.) This is why I dread pick-up groups and hardly ever group except with people in my guild or with folks I know from previous groups. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve freaking lost on some squishie… I’m a freaking warrior, man. I’m wearing plate, and I’m generally buffed for armor and strength. Let me take the aggro… I really can’t do anything else, dumbass. You want to melee, at least roll a class that can wear something other than cloth.

er, that should read “lost it on some squishie”

By the way, much love for the healers, keeping my tank ass alive.

He’s around the low teens, like me. Since the server really isn’t that busy, often you find yourself teaming with the same people over and over again, and just my luck we got him again earlier today. His strategy has not changed, and no amount of “jokingly” prodding him about it will change that, it seems.

I’m just at the point where all other characters get priority for healing over him now. He still gets killed every group or so of enemies, and I still have to res him, but at least this way we can actually get some missions done.*

I totally agree with people on what healers/priests should be doing. Healing gets priority over everything else; i’ll only fire off some damage when everyone’s nicely healthy or if there’s a couple of weak enemies left. The amount of healers who think they’re mages plus res skills… :rolleyes:

*The most annoying thing is, because we’re sharing exp., he gets rewarded for our good work! Nnnnngah!

What server? I have low teens on several servers I might want to dust off. I’m mostly on Virtue, though (now that I’ve started playing a little more). Handle is ‘d odds’

Defiant, “Enseifer”.