Stupid Windows XP question

How do you make the status bar ‘on’ by default? I hate having to go ALL THE WAY to ‘View>>Status Bar’… it’s sooo far up there :smiley:

Not sure about that, but I do know that if you set IE to full screen mode (I have no idea why you wouldnt) it is under the flag by default.

Its a pet peeve of mine when I am watching someone at work surf the net in normal scree. Even worse when they are using Ask JEeves or some rap like that and then that eats up 25% of the remainder of the screen

Mine’s always on, in fact, until now I really never noticed that you could turn it on and off. Is your just always uncheced no matter what it’s set to when you exit IE

Wow, I can’t stand that full screen mode. I just set it to that to remind myself what it looked like, and freaked out when I couldn’t remember how to set it back. But I will agree with you on the Jeaves thing. I can’t stand websites that link to others but keep their own boarder. It takes up so much of the screen. Especially if you some how manage to do it twice and you have two of them and almost no screen left.

Y’know, I had that same problem for a while.

I think what did it was closing IE with the status bar on. On all the open windows.

Hey, all I know is now I’ve got my status bar.

I think I realize what I was doing now… but I am not sure. Occasionally, I type a web address in a Windows folder, rather than explorer. I think that is when I don’t get a status bar. Thanks for the help though.