Suasage biscuit and jam: weird or not?

A friend of normally impeccable taste eats sausage biscuits with strawberry jam on them. I find this weird (not to mention revolting), but she says it is perfectly normal. So, polling all dopers - sausage biscuits and jam:

[li]is it weird?[/li][li]have you heard of it?[/li][li]have you ever had it?[/li][/ol]


Question. Have you ever been eating bacon/sausage and pancakes where the pancake syrup gets on the bacon/sausage?

Nope - I don’t like really like pancakes or pancake (maple) syrup.

Strawberry jam? That seems slightly weird to me. But the combination of meat and sweet…particularly pork…is not unusual. Pork and apples? Pate and marmelade?

Strawberry jam? That seems slightly weird to me. But the combination of meat and sweet…particularly pork…is not unusual. Pork and apples? Pate and marmelade?

No, it’s not weird, yes I’ve heard of it and yes, I’ve eaten it. It’s not a combination that I enjoy, so I don’t go out of my way to have it.

Typically, though, I’ve seen it with grape jelly, although I have seen strawberry as well.

Not weird at all. Salty and sweet = mmmmmm.

I always pour honey on my biscuits and sausage gravy from Bob Evans.
It’s really good.
Sounds like your friend and I stumbled onto a similar taste treat.

My favourite breakfast treat is a bacon, ham or sausage, scrambled or fried egg, and strawberry jam sandwich. Ketchup optional.
One friend in particular has always teased me about this, saying that sweet does not belong with meat and scrambled eggs. I had to bite my tongue when he discovered how much he loves those new McGriddle things, with the syrup baked in.

A sausage biscuit is just too plain without jelly on it. Duh. :rolleyes: I’ve had grape and strawberry jelly, and I’m not really partial to either one.

I have to add that I thought this was weird when I first heard of it too. But,you really should give it a try before you write it off. You might be pleasantly surprised. :smiley:

I’m not familiar with these sausage biscuits of which you speak, however I do enjoy sausage and marmalade sandwiches, also cheese and strawberry jam and on occasion, peanut butter, strawberry jam and habanero sauce.

One person’s ‘weird and disgusting’ is another person’s delicacy - I mean, look at all those things that are just icky even when you don’t mix them up - caviar, lutefisk, stilton cheese (the last of which I happen to adore).

Me neither, are they the same as sausage rolls? If so I call weird Sausage rolls and jam do not belong together. Nor marmalade you weird weirdos.

No, Yes, Yes

One of my Pappy’s (Grandfather for you Yankees) greatest pleasures in life was Sausage Biscuits with Jelly on them.

Preferably homemade, but if not, Hardee’s would do in a pinch.

I picked up the taste and love love love love them.

I think it’s far more a southern U.S. thing - the Pickette, who’s from Michigan, thinks it’s absolutely disgusting. I’ve seen similar reactions from others of a Northern Persusation, and now that we live in Wisconsin, I’ve not seen it in some time.

I agree it’s a southern thing. I grew up in Virginia and everyone put strawberry jelly on biscuits and sausage, also on Egg McMuffins.


What are you some sort of Communist? :smiley:

About once every 3 or 4 months I’ll get a breakfast sandwich from JitB. Every time I order one I get asked if I want some jelly or jam with it. I keep thinking that it is either some weird JitB policy to ask people if they want jam when they order breakfast no matter what it is, or that the order taker is insane. I now realize that the order taker wasn’t insane, or should I say wasn’t alone in her insanity.

That’s how I’ve always eaten them. Strawberry or grape. But I draw the line at putting jam on a biscuit with an egg or cheese in it. Just sausage, please.

I doubt it; southern US ‘biscuits’ are a (apparently) bit like what we would call ‘scones’, or probably girdle scones. I’m completely unclear though, whether the ‘sausage’ term denotes inclusion of sausage pieces, or whether they are just served with or cooked with sausages. US sausages are often different to UK ones too, I believe.

Definitely not sausage rolls. Those get curry sauce or maybe some HP. American biscuits are like a savoury flattened scone, if a bit fluffier IMHO. They are served with patties of sausage meat that is pan fried or sausage links. Very tasty and yes a bit of jam on them is a good thing.

You are the kid off of Jim’ll Fix It who fulfilled his dream of ordering exactly that sandwich on room service at the Ritz, and I claim my £5.

Sausage biscuits with strawberry jelly is weird. Sausage biscuits with grape jelly is perfectly normal. What is weird is that I really don’t like grape jelly at all, unless it’s on a sausage biscuit.

How about apple butter on a ham biscuit?