So did I, but that meant I just played it :slight_smile:. Yeah, it’s not done yet, but I couldn’t wait.

I enjoyed it, and it changes up the mechanics enough to feel fresh. As it stands, it could use a bit of polish–it took some real effort to “discover the plot” at times. I assume this kind of stuff will be polished up before the actual release. And while you can reach the end, there’s no cutscene or anything yet, so it’s a bit anticlimactic (you just get stuck outside an invisible wall).

Anyway, people that liked the original should like this one.

What changes did they make?

Plot, lifeforms, and biomes are new of course. New ways to grow/make food.

There’s a lot more above-ground stuff, including vehicles, and some game mechanics related to that. And I don’t want to spoil anything but there’s a new type of submarine vehicle that’s pretty configurable.

I’d probably advise waiting still, since they are still working on gameplay elements. I had to spend a lot of time scouring the map for plot-related bits without any hint at all of what I was looking for. The original Subnautica didn’t hold your hand too much but it at least gave you vague directions on what to look for. I’m sure they’ll balance this out a bit by the time they release.

Below Zero is fun currently but I find the voices…meh but I’m not sure text based would have been possible with as much interaction goes on in the game.

I do wish there was a better waypoint flagging system as there are more datapad delivered locations.