Subscribed Thread Question.

Why are none of the threads I’m posting or replying to appearing in the subscribed thread panel of my user control panel like they used to? :confused:

Curses on inconsistent problems! This thread appeared like its supposed to, but I still want to know why the others did not.

What action did you take to make them appear in your list of subscribed threads? Simply posting to or replying to a thread will not make it show up in that list.

I guess if you want to make them appear in the list of subscribed threads, you might want to check the email notification box when you reply. I’ll have to check my list later, too… not that I’m concerned about my own list, but just to see.

I always just posted to or replied to them in the past. I must have done something inadvertently to make them appear. What steps would I have to do to make them appear on the list?

I think that perhaps the default display for the user cp page may have changed. Or maybe not. It seems that the default is to show subscribed threads from the current day ony. You can select a longer time period from the drop down list under subscribed threads. I think threads may only show up under subscribed threads when first accessing the user cp page if there are replies to a thread since you have last read the thread. It seems that any other display option (select different time frame from drop down list or click on view all subscribed threads) will display subscribed threads even if there haven’t been any new replies.

I believe Arnold is testing exactly how the subscribed thread display works. I would be happy to help test it out as well. I think I have it figured out, the only question being if the default display only includes threads with new replies.