Subtle Movie References on “Seinfeld”

It occurred to me that “Seinfeld” liked to include scenes that some viewers might not realize were actually parodies from movies.

Two that come to mind: Newman and Kramer trying to purchase black market shower heads was similar to Travis buying an illegal gun in “Taxi Driver”

Kramer walking down the street and being recognized by German tourists was similar to a scene in “Marathon Man”

Not that these were obscure movies, but I’m guessing not everyone understood the references.

What were some others?

Well, it wasn’t subtle, but there was an episode that had a cameo by Jon Voight and incorporated references to Midnight Cowboy.

The Keith Hernandez/magic loogie scene was a parody of JFK (which Wayne Knight was also in).

“The Betrayal” (S09E08) is a an episode-long reference to the film Betrayal (and the play that came before it). In this case, it’s only subtle because of the relative obscurity of the reference, though. There’s nothing subtle about an episode that runs backward.

Very unsubtle: Jerry has a nightmare about Uncle Leo that references Cape Fear.

The reference to “Nixon” when Jerry’s dad got run out as the president of the condo association.

Just thought of another one: Frank recalling his bad experience as an Army cook is an obvious reference to “Platoon,” but the scene right before that, when he pours himself some Scotch and settles back to tell his story, almost seems like a parody of something else. Maybe “Apocalypse Now?” Or just a general parody of similar scenes in various old war movies?

“It was War, Frank; it was a crazy time for everyone.”

Not sure if it counts as subtle, but Newman coming to solve the muffin stump problem is definitely parodying the Wolf from Pulp Fiction.

I wonder how many people realize that segment was actually parodying 1993’s Point of No Return (aka The Assassin), also with Harvey Keitel.

This wasn’t subtle, but I never figured out the reference. In, “The Strike”

That I understand, but in the next breath

What does that quote have to do with that film?

If you click on the “Connections” link on an episode IMDb page, you might find some nice movie references others have caught.

E.g., for The Glasses S05E03, George does the same “spot a dime” bit that was used by Donald Pleasance in The Great Escape.

In The Bris S05E05, in addition to all the Godfather references, there’s also the Pig Man/hospital thing which references the Malcolm McDowell film O Lucky Man!

It has nothing to do with the film - that’s the joke. George thinks he’s keeping up with Jerry’s movie references, but he’s being typical George.

The scene where Newman is following Kramer in a mail truck and warning him to stop his vendetta against the US Postal Service is an homage to “Three Days of the Condor”