Succession on HBO

Is Wife #1, Connor’s mom, dead?

British Wife #2 was played by Harriet Walter, the same actress who played a similarly delightfully bitchy character in Sense and Sensibility. Love her!

S2 is underway, and I’ve watched the first two episodes.

I’m liking the show more now. I suspect ol’ Logan will change his mind again and Shiv will be disappointed in her dream of being CEO, not to mention pissed off. Kendall is little more than a burned-out shell these days, but at least was able to pull himself together long enough to shut down the small Web-based company “because my dad told me to.” Roman is just as much of a little shit as he always was. Grrr. *Hate *him.

I suspect that we haven’t seen the last of the contractor whom Logan bilked, blaming him for the dead raccoons in the chimney of the beach house. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him coming back for revenge, with a gun or otherwise.

The second episode already showed Logan messing with his kids; he promised the company to Shiv, and then when she said yes, pretty much blew her off. And then after doing what Roman suggested (shutting down Vaulter), elevated Kendall and gave him an adjacent office. He’s going to continue to muck with them until they give up and go away or he dies and someone has to take over.

BTW, the fun thing is finding the real-world analogs; cheating the contractor who worked on the summer palace was a classic Donald Trump maneuver.

Not sure about the show yet, but I really like the opening theme music.

If you like the opening theme music to this show, you might find this amusing. A writer for Family Guy created a parody of the opening credits featuring the British royal family instead of the fictional Roy family.

Very clever! I couldn’t figure out a way to go back, or to go to a particular part of it, though - it seems to be all-or-nothing.

Just finished season 1 and I’m a couple of episodes into 2. This show has been hard for me to like, and it’s the dark humor that’s kept me coming back. Really enjoying the prospect of Connor running for president!

Just realized that Kendall is suspiciously close to Ken Doll, meaning, completely neutered.

I tend to find it difficult to watch a show where there isn’t a single likeable character, but if there were 10 angels on Succession, I’d still find this show hard to watch because Roman Roy is the single most annoying character I’ve ever seen or read. I’m all for sarcasm, but his quips just aren’t funny. Clearly the writers have no gift for comedy. They should hire a writer from Veep to write for Roman.

This is why I found the show difficult to like too. A few of the characters are interesting, but not likeable. Not one.

That being said, Roman watching his satellite launch explode was very funny. Followed by a press conference where they show slow motion footage on a giant screen behind him.

I don’t think he’s supposed to be a guy who makes funny quips but instead a guy, who though a member of a media family worth billions, is really unhappy and hurting. If you watched the show, you’d see how abusive Logan Roy, the father, is.

Counter to my phrasing, I actually am watching it (though I’m a bit behind). Roman’s acerbic “wit” is definitely intended to imply a cynicism born of witnessing his father’s callous machinations, but from a storytelling POV, I still think the writers intend for those quips to be genuinely funny. His character’s purpose is not comic relief, but I believe the sarcasm is intended to serve as both characterization and comedy. I’m sure some people think they’re funny, I just think they lack a good comedic writer’s insight, phrasing, etc…

Roman’s not supposed to funny, he’s supposed to be an entitled jerk who THINKS he’s funny. That said, some of his quips have a hint of wit and I smirk along with him, but I feel like a jerk doing so. And that’s the point.

The showrunner, Jesse Armstrong, is one of Britain’s most successful comedy writers and has actually written an episode of Veep.

Roman’s not supposed to be funny. He’s tragic. Actual wit might be his one saving grace but, like the rest of his siblings, he has none. He’s not funny, he’s vicious, venal and disrespectful to everyone around him because, just like his sibs, he’s so horribly damaged. So momentarily vulnerable when attacked by his monstrous father. That’s what keeps me coming back - in any other show, we’d be jealous of the Roy children and their privileges. In this, we marvel at how they’re so used to their father’s abuse that they habitually fight each other for the slightest shred of his toxic attention.

Tom and Greg are the comedy relief. I’m thinking of embroidering Tom’s “what a shit piñata” all fancy and framing it for my brother’s Christmas gift.

Holy shit, I just watched Connor’s eulogy at “Mo”/Lester’s funeral. It cracked me up.

I find it hard to stop watching this show.

Show is still great. Better even. And then there’s this:

Finale was a bit predictable but enjoyable nevertheless.

Now, do you think that Stewy was in on the “kill”? The scene where Kendall and Connor meet Stewy on a Greek island, only to be rebuffed and insulted, seemed a bit contrived, on reflection. Particularly when Stewy said he’s chipping away at Connors influence and control of the board, one shareholder at a time, giving Kendall’s move a ‘final nail in the coffin’ effect.

Wasn’t it Logan and Kendall who met Stewy at the restaurant? Connor is the eldest brother with no interest in the business.


I’m currently halfway through Season 2, but something to me was clear here.

Without Ken in the room, he was pretty much ignored, he couldn’t be made heard, so didn’t have the chance to even discuss the state of his dad.

And why was Ken not in the room? Because Logan manufactured his delay. He was ahead of Ken, and I suspect got him into the position of Ken flying out to convince someone (possibly at his request), and Logan then got the President to manufacture a terrorist incident to stop Ken making it. That was what the phonecall was about later (and the president apologising profusely about being late, being a subject of Logan).

It also makes me wonder if the Car Crash was manufactured. Third wife seems very Mossad. She pretty much said she knew that they’d stuck a PI on her.