Suddenly getting Youtube ads??

Anyone know why I would suddenly be getting ads on Youtube? Nothing has changed on my end. It’s super annoying to get a 60 second unskippable ad to watch a 2 minute video.

Are you using firefox? All extensions on firefox are currently being disabled due to a certificate expiring. No word on when a fix will be available.

Yes, I am using Firefox. What does this mean? Do I just wait it out or is this going to be the new normal?

Considering how many people use extensions on firefox, I am assuming that they will be fixing this quickly. I wouldn’t expect this to be the new normal.

I figured out a workaround of sorts. If you set your computer’s date to anything prior to midnight on 5/4 then you can add your extensions back in and they will work.

Depending on how your computer is set up, you might need to turn off automatically setting the date and time first before adjusting the computer’s clock.

Obviously, if you have anything else on your computer that depends on an accurate date and time then this solution won’t be of much use to you.

ETA: Having your time set wrong also breaks a lot of things, like google searches because it complains about the https security certificate when your computer’s time is off.

So far, setting the clock back, reinstalling the extensions, then setting the clock forward again has worked for me. Firefox hasn’t nuked my extensions yet.

YouTube changes the way that its platform works every now and again - and YouTube content creators have a variety of different options for presenting ads on their videos.

I am actually surprised that inline unskippable ads ever were manageable by a client-side ad blocking extension - I thought they were built right into the stream.

They have rolled out a hot-fix via Studies. So if you have that enabled (Preferences -> Privacy & Security -> Allow Firefox to install and run studies.) It should upload the fix. Long term a proper fix should be forthcoming.

It’s fixed this morning. The ads are trying to play ( I can see “30 seconds” on the length of the video) but then it goes away before it can start.