Sufi Is A Headbanger

Sorry for the very bad pun, but I couldn’t resist after I saw this: watching a documentary about early civilization and the role of religion, a Turkish sufi ritual was shown in which a group of sufis get themselves into trance by body motions/dance and chants. Now I knew about sufis, especially the round dance we’ve all seen, but I’ve never seen the whole ritual, and in this piece at one time they all start headbanging like they are at a heavy metal show. I’ve never seen headbanging other than at rock concerts, but of course it makes sense, it’s the same ritual: synchronize with a crowd by rhythm, chants and motions, if in a sufi session or at a Motörhead concert.

But I wonder if the first sufi who saw headbanging at a rock show thought: “Damn, they stole our move!”

ETA: I wasn’t sure if this is right in MPSIMS or if it belongs in CS, but I think it’s very mundane and pointless. But feel free to move it.