Sugary Drink Battle Royale Redux!!!!

Because I thoroughly screwed up the last poll, some of the contestants that were left out have petitioned for a more inclusive rematch. Not that Dr Pepper has to worry about its title, but I’ll indulge them. :wink:

If you drink a local brand, choose the option that is most close to the variety of local brand you drink. Same with national generics (Mr. Pibb, et cetera).

I take it sugar-free drinks don’t count then.

A sugar-free Coca-Cola for example would count as Coca-Cola yes.

Mountain Dew all the way!

Birch beer, whenever I can get it. Otherwise root beer.

And ginger ale, but it has to be Vernor’s.

Do the Dew!!

The Dew is going to take the good Doctor down!

What the hell? Last thread had a million (give or take a few) people bitching about the lack of root beer and ginger ale and now they only have one vote each.

And what is making people choose “other”? I really would like to know.

And I’m not too worried about The Doctor losing to The Dew. You just wait until 7 or 8 o’ clock comes around in the East coast and we’ll see how long The Dew’s lead lasts. Right when a bunch of Dopers get off work. The Dew’s lead won’t last through tomorrow.

If you’re not going to list Mr. Pibb or Mello Yello, then just forget it. :slight_smile:

Not my fault you can’t read the OP. :smiley:

Well, you didn’t have Clamato on your list

Touche, Sultan of Soda!

(And Mr. Pibb is not a national generic! A pox on you! It is the perfect accompaniment to a Bing Bar!)

Will nothing satisfy you people?!?!?

runs away screaming and tearing out hair

I’ve boosted ginger ale up one. C’mon, ginger ale! Whip out the nunchucks! The razor blade in your hair! The melon baller! I want you to be the only one standing at the end of this.

I’m still flummoxed by the lack of diet on the list. I’d go:

  1. Diet Dr. Pepper (tastes only a little like Dr. Pepper)
  2. Diet Coke (tastes not very much like coke)
    (Diet Rite, which if I recall was the diet RC, doesn’t rate a mention)

But for sugary sodas:

  1. Cherry RC
  2. RC
  3. Dr. Pepper
  4. Coke

ETA: I’m surprised that more than five people in the universe drink Mt. Dew. But then, I like parmesan cheese with either ketchup or soy sauce, so I’m not exactly a discriminating palate.

PS: I think calling it “battle royale” will bias the poll in favor of RC: isn’t it short for Royal Crown cola?

Mine is just Red Bull Cola- better than any other cola I have ever had.

All natural ingredients, totally the opposite of normal Red Bull.

WTF is Faygo? Crab Juice?

This is the third freakin’ time I’ve had to type this. (Both looking at the votes and actually voting takes you to a new page. And I could have sworn that Firefox used to remember your form data on the previous page, but it doesn’t any more. Am I gonna have to install a keylogger)

Anyways, sorry for the tangent, there. Let’s see: I drink Sprite mostly, but not because it’s what I like. No, because it is often the only caffeine free choice at most restaurants, besides plain water (which I can get at home.) A few will have root beer, but, unless I know it’s a brand that doesn’t sneak caffeine into it to try and get the drinkers addicted, I can’t even have that.

So, while I’ll drink any other caffeine free soda if I can get my hands on it, my favorite is Sam’s Cola. I’m really happy it’s a choice, as most people seem to think of it as just a generic version of Coca Cola. Anyways, does anyone know how I can get my hands on a caffeine free version? Heck, I’d be happy to just find a place that consistently stacks caffeine free anything (non-citrus, of course).

First link on the following pages:"Crab+Juice"

(Sorry, I just had to!)

Coke & Sprite mixed 1:1

I would have been impressed if that was on the list. :slight_smile:

As I said in the original poll, if I included every single variation of soda, I’d still be creating the damn poll.

Diet = normal, for the purposes of the poll. All we’re talking is brands here people jeez.

Didn’t read the original thread either did you? Someone mentioned Faygo, so I put it this time.

You also aren’t a Simpsons fan either huh, if you don’t know crab juice.