Suggested Topics display change

When the switch to the new software was made, Suggested Topics would differentiate between new posts in a topic, and ones that were there the last time I visited the thread.

Example: A thread has 50 posts when I open it the first time and I read 30 of them before closing the topic. 15 more posts are entered and when the topic shows at the bottom of the page, it has 30 in gray circle and 15 in blue.

Now, new or old, it would just shows 45 in a blue circle.

Was there an update or did I jigger something in a setting somewhere?

There was indeed a change. However, I was under the impression that the intent was that you’d just get a blue 35, combining the 20 you hadn’t read with the 15 new ones you also hadn’t read.

Moved to Site Feedback (from ATMB), since this is about how Discourse works.

Math is hard!

So is category-picking.

Yes, good eye, we removed the distinction between “new to you, and unread” (white number in blue circle) and “not new to you, and unread”. (white number in grey circle).

We found the two numbers were TMI / confusing for most folks and the distinction between “new to me” didn’t matter as much as the unread state of the posts. So we simplified things and made it one number, “unread”. The unread posts may or may not be new, that is, they may have been written years ago, or 10 seconds ago. They’re just… unread :wink:

I see the sense of that. Like I said, I was mainly concerned I had poked something I could no longer find.

Or I was going crazy.