Suggestion about thread reply emails

I know the board is still being worked on and now is probably not the best time to bombard the Admins with suggestions, but I can’t resist.

Would it be terribly difficult to implement a feature where replying directly with quote to a post sends an email to the author of that post, without said author having to subscribe to the thread? This would make it easier in cases of long threads that get a lot of replies, because everybody who posts would have the option to not get their inbox full of messages. It would create less email traffic which is surely a good thing for both the sender and the recipient.

Good idea or bad idea? All opinions and criticisms are welcome.

This would require modification of the code, and would add additional load on the server (since it would have to send out all those emails in addition to those it sends out to members who’ve anyway subscribed to the thread).

It is highly unlikely, now or in the future, that we will incorporate this change.

However, thank you for your suggestion.