Suggestions for (an imaginary) dog's name?

The dog exists only in fiction, and is current name is Mojo, which I’ve decided that I don’t like. She looks like this. She’s a three-year-old Chinook, which is the NH state dog, and was given as a puppy to the story’s protagonist by her ex, Max.

I’ve decided that Mojo isn’t a very good dog name, even for a dog that isn’t real. She lives in a house with an adult human named Caitlin, a teenage human named Danny who is the one who would have named said dog, and a small kitten named Underfoot (other major human characters in the story are named Lori, Kyler, and Lindsey.) I’d like to therefore avoid C, D, M, L and K names, and I’d prefer to give her a non-person name, but I’m not thinking of anything better…

Any suggestions?


I’d call her “Sal” after Chinook salmon. You could also call her “Kath” or “Kathy”, after the Chinook language, but those are k names.


Very noble-looking dog, that.

How about Fido (have the character pronounce it “Fee-doh,” so it doesn’t look like you had a creativity lapse)? It means “faithful” (as you no doubt know), and befits such a noble-looking beast.

My sister names her dogs after favorite vacation spots (Shasta and Parker). Is there a place that means a lot to the character?

Lethbridge? “Letty” for short. If she’s a purebred, she’ll need a snooty registered name!

This appears to be a rugged type dog. Maybe an earthy name is appropriate…
Aspen, Cliff, River, Ria, Canyon, Gully, Mesa, etc.


I looked at the image of the dog and that name popped right into my head. Like Annie’s (the musical) scruffy lovable dog. Plus its fur is sand-colored.

I took one look at the pic and thought "That dog looks like she should be named Sisu. Dunno why that popped into my head, but there you have it.

In honor of bbs2k, name her Poops!


I realize you said “she” but imaginary animals should be named “Harvey”.

Then again Harvey wasn’t really imaginary.

I recently acquired a new puppy and named her Seven.

Coincidentally, when she went to the vet for her puppy shots, she weighed seven pounds.