Suit selection for my MIL's funeral

I’d like to ask about 2 suits that I have for my MIL’s upcoming funeral. The green one fits a little better, but wondering if that would work (color wise), or if I should wear a darker color.

The black one is the right color for a funeral, but is a little big, but not too bad.

Your opinions.
Green suit fits better.

Green suit, blurry but shows color better.

Black suit…a little loose.

I don’t think the black one looks too big for you at all.
I’d go with that one.

I think you could get away with wearing either one, but I’d choose the black one if I were you.

Definitely not the green suit, assuming you wish to show respect. Appropriate suit colors for funerals are black, charcoal or navy, preferably with no stripes. White shirt, sober tie.

If it were a “life celebration” or one of those more upbeat type of ceremonies, then those rules don’t apply. But if you’re attending a funeral service or mass or something similar, dark and serious is the way to go.

The black one will be great if you button it like the green one was buttoned. I don’t really think there’s a big difference between them, at least not in these pictures.

The black one.

Whichever one more closely matches your wife’s dress. Both look appropriate. Ymmv

Black - unless your wife has strong objections to it.

Difference between fit from pics isn’t enough to make up for color.

I was gonna say the green one looked fine till I saw the black one. Go with the black one.

The black one. They both look good, but you can’t go wrong with basic black.

A funeral isn’t about how good you look.

I can see why you think the green one fits better, but it’s not obvious to those who are looking at you. Wear the black one, keep the coat buttoned when possible, and spend the rest of the day in shirtsleeves.