Summer's Light Breeze brings Sequential Thread Titles

**Gmail trouble, anyone?
Sexual Deviancy Misunderstandings at Work
CNN, you should come up with a better way to say this!
Ukranian Vampire Women
The Hicky Thread or Look What I Just Discovered

I’m Joining the Freemasons
Happy Good Riddance Day!
Patriotism Tastes Like Sugar
A Bad Week is Almost Over
Golly, That Looks Tasty
Bright Blue Blood Vessels

Am I A Monster?
Auugh!! Help !!**


From this forum:

Am I a Monster?

Augh!! Help!!

Stupid things people have said to you
I Shaved my Torso Today

Apologies for repeating your last example, NinetyWt. I’m not sure how I developed that blind spot, but I think it’s better now.

From IMHO:

Who’s gone to high school reunions?
TMI: Do you masturbate?

Yes Jim, it’s good to see you too.

From this form:

**I wish I could be my puppy for just an hour

Your dog attacked my wife!**

You aquire the abilty to pause time for all but yourself. How do you use it?
TMI: Do you masturbate?

Dang Lobsang, I rarely participate in these things, but I came here just to use that one!

Tee hee hee :smiley:

I was actually surprised no-one had done it before me.

**The Occult v. NASA
Sexual deviancy misunderstandings at work. **

Maybe it’s time to get a new job…

**I’m beginning to think sanity is largely fucking overrated
I think Mr. Bush should give up his bicycle

eBay: Help selling myself
Happy Backwards Day!!!
london wins Olympics
Steelers Fan Dies**

Fly Migrant Air
Summer’s Light Breeze brings Sequential Thread Titles

In the spirit of “The King is Dead, Long Live the King”, we bring you, just now in MPSIMS:

SkipMagic to be suspended for a week?
All Hail SkipMagic!

the real terrorists?
Cheerleaders…who cares!

Food Makes Me Hungry

Cats and Laser Pointers!
Couldn’t resist. I love cats! Really…! :smiley:

**People really are sheep
450 sheep jump to their deaths in Turkey **
You knew that one was coming. :smiley:

Living a purpose driven life
I’m not wearing pants.

Threads you were too chicken to start

I’m not wearing pants.