Summertime - mmmmm - time for Branston pickle and cheddar sandwiches!

They just fit the hot summer days so well.

Even when I have Branston pickle in the fridge in the winter it rarely gets eaten.

Oh, yeah. I’ve also been known to make Pepper Relish & Cheddar sandwiches when it’s really hot outside.


I’ve got some Branston pickle and sharp cheddar in the fridge.
I think I’ll go make a sandwich now - I like to add a bit of ham to mine.

That DOES sound tasty!

Sharp cheddar, English mustard, butter and lettuce for me. I think that’s what I’ll have as soon as I get home for work as I have a craving right now.

You left out the apple. It’s not a Ploughman’s without apple.

Okay, details, please. I did buy a jar of Branston’s pickle a few years ago. Left it in the fridge of a guy I broke up with four years ago. It’s prolly still there, but I won’t be going to retrieve it. Please give precise instructions for the building of this sandwich. Thank you. (I will buy a new jar.)

well, bread, and butter; then some Branston’s spread on one slice of bread; a slice or two of sharp cheddar; then you can improvise if you like, with ham, or mustard, or apple slices; or lettuce; or a slice of tomato.

best on a hot day, outside in the sun; with a shandie or india pale ale as a chaser.

I don’t like butter on mine but hey, to each his own.

Well I’ve officially killed my jar of Branston’s. I needed a little comfort food tonight.
Only took a year :wink: