Sunday Football Season Kickoff

For the past four years, Special Teams has been the bane of Denver’s existence.

Why oh why hasn’t Shanahan done something, anything, about this? They look like fucking clowns out there. I thought the Benny Hill music should have started playing at any second.

I only watched the *Giants ** game. It was ugly, really ugly with injuries and terrible defense. At least Ward looked good rushing. It might be a long year for Big Blue.

I heard about the Jets. WTF is up with the fans. That crap is hard to believe. Is Chad that hated? He hobbled back on the field and got them another TD and the fans boo him?


  • Yankees tied up my afternoon, priorities after all.

Green Bay looked bad. Brett Favre’s only trick yesterday seemed to be hoping the other team screwed up worse, which the Eagles did with gusto. I’m sure Eagles fans are beeyotching about that last fair catch, saying there were Packers standing too close while he was trying to catch it, but why the heck was he trying to catch it? He was going after that thing like his life depended on it. It looked like he was trying to catch a baby falling out of a building. It’s a PUNT dude! Let that sucker BOUNCE! That poor bastard is going to hear it all week.

I’m glad New York was too stupid to really exploit the mismatch between Plaxico Take-A-Bow Burress and whatever spare was filling in for Newman in the Giants/Cowboys scoreathon. Monkeys in research labs realize that pressing the button will get them a pellet, but somehow NYG didn’t realize throwing to Burress every time would get them a W. Dallas didn’t even try to adjust either, because they really had nothing to throw at the problem. What were they going to do, get Roy Williams to double team? That dude can’t cover the leftover potato salad at the tailgate parties, much less someone like Burress.

Fortunately the Dallas defense has a bye next week (aka Miami), and hopefully Newmie will be ready to take it to the Bears in week three.

And I knew the Saints weren’t going to stomp Indy in the shadow of the Super Bowl Chapeens banner, but I hoped they wouldn’t suck out loud. That performance was almost as bad as Keith Olbermann’s at halftime. I love Keith BTW, but man is he a bad match for this gig. He’s so out of place I expect him to go conservative, lose his sense of humor, and start hosting a crappy show on CNBC.

Are the same horrible spares calling the MNF games on ESPN? I don’t think I can listen to that shit for another season.

One of the Games will be Mike (Greenberg) & Mike (Golic) with Mike Dikta is my understanding.

The normal monday night team this year is going to be Tirico, Korneiser, and Jaworski.

If you ever watch PTI, Korn and Jaws have an excellent rapport. And, Jaws is a great analyst. Understands the modern game better than Theisman.

The second game tonight is a one-night affair, and has Mike & Mike & MIke.

My major concern is all the bullshit they do. During the pre-season this year, they spent SO MUCH TIME away from the booth. In the Atlanta game, they did one sideline report during an entire scoring drive without comment on a single play.

Sample question that we missed football for (Michelle Tafoya to an Atlanta reporter), “Was Michael Vick contrite enough for you in his apology?”

I hate that fucking bullshit.

Agreed on Olbermann. Bad as it first sounded, the reality is even more dysfunctional than imagined. I’d be shocked if he lasts for the season. Not his fault, he just doesn’t fit.

I also hate the way they turn the broadcast into the Jay Leno show with a bunch of dipshit television actors flogging their crappy shows. I hate it when they go away from describing the action on the field to talk to Jim Belushi for 20 minutes about his lousy sitcom.

Both teams deserved to lose that game. Defenses dominated for the most part. Easy wins, ha! no such thing in the NFL.

Nice to see that Phillips is living up to his hype as a great defensive coach & turning those secondary problems around. I mean, they nearly managed to hold Manning to under 400 yards! :smiley:

The Panthers got a nice road conference win to start the season. All 3 other NFC South teams lost too. It’s early, obviously, but it’s nice to start the season with a 1 game advantage over everyone else.

The football gods really bailed out the refs in the Bears-Chargers game. I mean, when the centre is hit before he can even get the snap to the quarterback, maybe, just maybe the defensive lineman was offside?

So who is Keith Olbermann, anyway? I’ve heard the name, but I thought he was a news-guy, not a sportscaster. (I don’t watch TV news or listen to talk radio.)

And yes, I’m too lazy to Google it; could someone give me the short version of why this stiff is on my TV during football games?

Anytime the Eagles lose, it’s a wonderful day.

Anytime the Giants lose, it’s a terrible day.

So, it was a day.

The worst part of it is the way it sets up next week. The NFC East currently looks like so:
Cowboys - 1-0 (divisional win)
Redskins - 1-0
Eagles - 0-1
Giants - 0-1 (divsional loss)

Next week the Eagles take on the Redskins. Now, I sure as hell don’t want the 'Skins starting out 2-0, which mean I have to…<mmrrpphh>…have to root for <bluuugh>…root for the Eagles next week! (Sorry…threw up in my mouth a little bit there)

But hey, things look good for next week. Unlike the Eagles, the Giants actually have special teams players who know what they’re doing, so they should be able to show the Eagles how you’re supposed to play against the Packers.

One more thing before I forget – a hardy “wake the fuck up” to the Giants D-Cord Steve Spagnuolo. It only took Witten burning the Giants, what, five, six times over the middle before it occurred to you to make sure the middle was covered?? If I didn’t know better, I’d think Spagnuolo was still on the Eagles payroll.

Amen. But dont tell me you weren’t “what the fucking” over Gibbs opting to kick a FG from 39 yds out on 1st and 10. Portis and Betts were eating up yardage, you couldn’t have gotten a little closer???

Holy crap! THANK YOU. I couldn’t place that music and it was driving me nuts. I knew it was over some fighting scene, but couldn’t pull it.


Wait, the Giants scored 35 points, including three touchdowns to Burress, and you think the primary strategic blunder was not throwing to Burress enough? As opposed to, you know, not covering anyone on defense? Or failing to mount even a rudimentary pass rush after drafting defensive ends the last fifty or sixty or seventy drafts? (I’ve lost count).

I do have to say, though, that his performance in this game made me rethink my previously unpleasant opinion of Eli Manning. A couple of those throws were really, really good throws.

The first I was aware of Olberman, he was one of the wise-cracking anchors on SportsCenter.

In my conception, he was really the first to start cracking wise, using slang, coming up with new terms for dunks and home runs, and was basically the fore-runner to the Stuart Scotts of today.

It was more original when he did it. He’d team with Dan Patrick a lot, and they were great. He was kind of “geek-worshipped” by us sports-head college boys in the early 90’s, like PTI might be today.

There might have been others first, and Berman was doing his nickname thing forever, but Olberman was, to me, the first in the line of Big SportsCenter Personalities. He paved the way for Craig Kilborn, for instance.

I’m kind of psyched that he’s there. He definitely has a more sarcastic eye towards sports. It’s just a matter of whether he clicks with Costas or not.

Funny, Peter King is singing the praises of the ST coach for getting that kick off.

Well my two favorite teams for this year won; the Cowboys and whoever happens to be playing the Browns. 0-16 Romeo, you can do it! Oooh, and if Norte Dame doesn’t win a game all season, will Belichek gets his praises sung even more?

He used to be on ESPN’s Sports Center, co-hosting with Dan Patrick, and was definately in that common, ESPNesque mold of witty, saavy, sports statistic spewing deskjockeys. He says that ABC comedy Sports Night was based on the show. Apparently though there was a rift with ESPN and he now of course does Countdown on MSNBC.

:confused: Why the Browns?

I watched the Bears-Chargers game yesterday. The Bears bottled up LDT pretty well, but he still produced a couple of touchdowns. Rivers was livid after that offsides non-call, and rightly so. Did he throw to anyone besides Antonio Gates in that game?

Same here. I’d viewed Eli as a fair-to-middling QB who got the starting job because of his name, but last night’s game showed me he’s got some real talent and brains. Having Plaxico to throw to doesn’t hurt, either; Burress is an amazing receiver. I’ve heard he has (or had) some off-the-field problems, but in my book a guy who can produce like that is worth putting up with some nonsense. Reminds me of that awesome interview with Randy Moss during his rookie year: “Just put it up there, dawg; I’ll catch it.”

And thanks for the background on Olbermann, Trunk and lieu. Having never seen him before, I found him pretty irritating, but I’ll give him another shot and see if I warm up to him.