Sunday Football Season Kickoff

No football discussion thread yet?

(Yes, I was intending to post more than a one-sentence OP, but somehow hit submit too early.)

Anyway, I watched the Patriots-Jets game today. The Pats opened their season with a pretty strong showing after missing a couple of opportunities in the first half, but they put the game away with a NFL history-making 108-yard return in the second half. Randy Moss looked really good with 9 receptions and 183 yards, not to mention a TD. Maroney carried 20 times for 72 yards.

Chad Pennington of the Jets got hurt in the second half, and the Jets fan cheered when his replacement came on the field? Now Chad’s a bit of a dork, IMHO, but he was 12 for 16 on passes when he got blindsided. He even came back with an ankle brace and promptly marched his team down the field for a touchdown. What a bunch of loser fans!

Oh, and the new Nike football ad to the theme of “Last of the Mohicans” rocks.


Ugh, another season of that damn commercial. Great…

I can’t remember an opening as sloppy as today for most teams. So many problems hanging onto the ball, fumbles, blown returns, etc. The Bears-Chargers game was ugly until the Bolts starting asserting control late. The Eagles didn’t look like the Super Bowl contender most experts have pegged them to be. The Pats, Steelers, and the Colts have looked the strongest so far. Nice debut for Adrian Peterson. Schaub looks good for Houston. I bet Atlanta would like to take that trade back.

The Jets home crowd were named the 70,000 Worst People in the NFL for the week by Keith Olberman. Geez. Leaving injury booing in Philadelphia where it belongs.

Not sure how the Packers won today, but it was cool. Sorry Philly fans. Going to spend some extra time in punt practice this week, I think.

So when did he go from making music to making commercial jingles anyway?

Watched the Denver/Buffalo game today which was quite exciting.

It seemed as though Denver tried as hard as they could to lose that game, but Buffalo just wouldn’t let them. It was a pretty ugly game.

Every once in a while a football commentator will talk all glowingly about J.P. Losman and his future. Can anyone tell me why?!

The Lions won on the road. I only saw highlights and the last two minutes, as I live in Phoenix now, but what I saw looked pretty good. Too bad it was the lowly Raiders, but as a Lions fan, I’ll take any win I can get.

I spent a good hour searching around town for a bar showing the Browns/Steelers game.

I wish I hadn’t.

Death to the Walrus-Man.


Dallas over NYG, 45-35!!

happy dance

Congrats to Tony Romo on his very first NFL rushing touchdown!

Even before the charges came down on Vick, I was sending letters to the Falcons’ front office begging them not to trade Schaub. I had a whole offensive strategy worked out that would use Schaub AND Vick. It would have been unstoppable (and put meat in the seats).

Damn you. Damn you to hell. :frowning:

Enjoy it.

Won’t be to many more.

Boo rams :mad:

Holy smoke, the Lions took an early lead, blew it, and came back to win.
Lions are 1-0
Spartans are 2-0
Wolverines are 0-2

Who woulda thunk it?

Indeed. :frowning:

Redskins won. What else matters?

Well, we seem to be missing out typical football thread starter, Ellis Dee. He was always good for stimulating some discussion.

Odd weekened. Of the three games I watched yesterday (Steelers-Browns, GB-PHI, SD-CHI), I saw one team look good, The Steelers (against a SHIT team) and one team look half decent for a quarter, The Chargers.

That was some ugly shit yesterday.

Hou killing KC didn’t surprise me at all. KC STINKS this year. They’ll be a laughingstock by the end of the year, and we should see some vintage Herm before long.

Romeo Crennel: you have NO season. Play Brady. Every game you play him now is an extra game he plays before next season. Play Brady. There are no arguments against it.

Even though the Texans beat a team on it’s way down, they did so convincingly enough that they well could break .500 for the first time this year with a 9-7, maybe even going 10-6. Kudos to Kubiak and Smith for beginning to undo some of the hideous damage that the idiot Casserly had wrought.

Plaxico sure had us figured and the Cowboys need to get some folks well too but a win over the Giants is bueno anywheno, specially when the Feebles lose and the Foreskins barely beat who, Miami?

Nice to start off with a little reserve in the bank as the NFCE always provides some rainy days for everyone later on.

Our guy, Adrian Peterson, looked like the real deal in his first game, but I hope Chester Taylor can get back in there pretty soon so the rookie doesn’t have to carry the load for the whole year.

Fuc*ing Packers got handed a game they should have lost because of a couple of muffed punts. On the plus side, the Packer offense looks godawful. That’s two easy wins for the Purple this year.

The Patriots look scary good and they don’t even have all their defensive starters ready yet. I was not surprised that Moss went off the way he did. He always gets motivated when he’s on a decent team and he’s never played with a QB as good as Brady before.
Chicago looks even worse on offense this year than they did last year. I think the Vikings and Detroit are going to do better than GB and Chicago this year.

Good debut for Mike Tomlin with the Steelers. I’d like to invite all you Steelers fans to GFY for stealing Tomlin away from us.