Super Bowl 50 - tell me who to root for (or, if you prefer, for whom to root)

(I put this in Cafe Society thinking it fits within the ‘entertainment’ portion of the CS description more than the ‘sports’ part of the Games forum)

I will be watching but I don’t have a clown in this circus. I know I don’t like Manning a whole lot, so that’s all I have to sway my rooting interest thus far.

Tell me something about either team or its players - good or bad - that would help me decide who to holler for (or, for whom to holler).

The official narrative is the beloved, wily veteran with diminished skills but a fine mind vs. the physical phenomenon who is bringing new swagger to the game.


It is a couple of top defenses. One guy is going to try to unload superquick to use his weapons, the other guy will use his running abilities to get some space.

I am just looking for a good game.

The most unexciting Super Bowl since Super Bowl I when people didn’t know what the fuck a Super Bowl was.

The way Carolina dismantled Arizona has to (and does) make them the favorite.

Outside of both organizations, their friends and family, who cares?

You will want to root for Carolina because their coach, Ron Rivera, was an '85 Bear.
If that’s not enough, you will want to root against Denver to punish Peyton Manning for those ear-stabby Nationwide commercials.

It’s interesting the op uses clowns as a metaphor. I don’t have a clown in this circus either but I like to watch the playoffs. I root for the team who is the least clownish and shows good sportsmanship.

Pey-ton wins the Sup-er-Bowl.

For whom to root?

How’s about the Galveston Grammar Goofs?

J/K :slight_smile:

Damn you to Hades! :eek:

I’m neutral though if forced I’d like to see Denver win.

I’ve had a soft spot for the Broncos ever since Homer Simpson was so disappointed to receive them instead of the Dallas Cowboys from Hank Scorpio. It’s nice to see Homer catch a break. He was instrumental in the success of Project Arcturus, after all.

Unless and until I hear a more compelling argument than this…Go Panthers!

And I think that’s a great reason why Carolina deserves it: because Ron Rivera got a ring as a player with Chicago, and now deserves another one 30 years later as the coach of Carolina.