Super Friends? Super Losers.

I found a great page giving “profiles” of the Super Friends. This is some funny stuff, especially for someone who grew up watching the old episodes. The caption under Apache Chief’s picture is worth checking out this page all by itself.

There are pornographic banners on this site. The site overall is “clean” and the page the url gives you is “clean”, but do not click on anything but the part two link at the bottom page if you are at work or some other place where porn is a no-no. This includes the current Super Friends page (the link is to his classic SF page).

I disabled linking just be on the super safe side. You’ll have to copy and paste this into your browser.

Be warned, the first time I tried to read through Seanbaby’s site while at work, I had to quit after a few pages. I was laughing so hard the bosses were wondering just what I was doing in my cube. :wink:

His site absolutely kills me. He’s disgusting, he’s lewd, he’s mean… and one of the funniest websites I’ve ever read. As evidenced by my sig…

Ya know, he does write a funny synopsis of stuff, especially the SuperFriends, but his sister site “Fat Chicks in Party Hats” is one of the most vile, disgusting and downright hateful examples of 14 year old “humor” that I have ever seen, and I won’t recomend his site to anyone for that reason.

Yeesh. You’re right about the “Fat Chicks” site. The only stuff of his I was familiar with was some bits he wrote for EGM and the SF site which I just stumbled across yesterday.

The Fat Chicks site was a bit surprising to say the least. Although his personal site has got a ton of funny bits the Fat Chicks site didn’t have anything funny that I saw, although that’s probably because he isn’t the one listed for content, just design. It’s still messed up that he contributed to that site tho’.

Holy frijoles! I’d never checked out any of those affiliated sites listed on the bottom of the page. That ‘Fat Chicks’ page is indeed sad and disgusting.

The bit on Aquaman just about made me pee.


If you’re gonna poke around the site, look through the NES section. The “20 Worst Games” and “Based on Crap” articles are pretty good.

My favorite part is the Superman cartoon where he is supposed to save kids from a burning building. I couldn’t stop laughing.

My favorite Seanbaby line is from this page, with an old comic-book advertisement enticing you to sell salve to earn fabulous prizes:

Reminds me of this site I once found (don’t have the URL, sorry!) that analysed the homerotic aspects of He-Man. Funny stuff.

(I don’t think I ever watched Superfriends, but this stuff is funny for anyone who remembers those really bad Hanna-Barberra cartoons)

Also check out The “the CHEEKS THE TOY WONDER” web site.

Although I’m not getting any of the covers n panels he’s supposedly scanned, it’s still the BEST deconstruction of Siler-Age comics: