Super Troopers.

I caught this movie after work one night. My first impression was that it was a cheap made-for-tv immature-laughs movie, but before long i was hooked. Every single one of the good characters were likeable, and that female cop was <pant pant pant> ho-ho-hot! <drool pant>

Anyone else seen this?

Officer Ursula Hanson played by Marisa Coughlan

The SDMB is sorely lacking a drool smiley.

Lobby, we’ve ALL seen this. Really. Two years ago. Draelin even once commented how much she admired some other poster’s ability to quote Super Troopers in casual conversation. I forget who it was, but he’d borrowed Ramathorn’s “I am all that is Man!”

Welcome to the club. :slight_smile:

I thought the movie was terribly unfunny. Whenever my wife wants to rent a movie I remind her of this little stinker she picked and plead for her to be more careful.


Settle down, meow.

Not that it really has anything to do with the OP, but several scenes in Super Troopers were filmed in my hometown and at my workplace.

I thought it was a wonderful first film, meow. Really showed potential, meow. But Club Dread was nasty, meow.

I thought Club Dread was alright. A lot of people didn’t like it and i get the impression they expected it to be another comedy.

Er, Club Dread wasn’t supposed to be a comedy? I mean, it wasn’t terrifically funny but I still think it was supposed to be a comedy.

Well, Broken Lizard has at least one thing in common with the Wachowski brothers; they should have stopped at one movie. I loved Super Troopers but Club Dread loked like just an excuse to get the BL guys surrounded by as much buxom 'tang as possible.

“These boys get the syrup in them, they get all antsy in their pantsy.”

I love this movie. All my brothers and I have to do to waste about the next fifteen minutes is start quoting. Ah, many the time I’ve whispered to one of them, “Am I jumping around all nimbly-bimbly from tree to tree? Do you see me drinking milk from a saucer? Do you see me eating mice?

And I had a crush on Thorny. I am weak.

Club Dread was awful though. Just boobs upon boobs and I’m not really into that. It was like really bad, live-action Scooby Doo but prurient.

Broken Lizard’s own Jay Chandrasekhar is credited as director of this summer’s Dukes of Hazzard remake. Yeee-Haw!

And I almost forgot: Shennanigans!

Well, if that movie sucks I’ll really have reached my Limit with him.

The movie had its moments…some of the scenes went on too long, but others were just drop-dead hilarious, particularly the one with the kids in the car with the pot.


It’s a fun little movie. Sometimes, when I was dispatching on the graveyard shift, and there wasn’t anything going on, we’d dare each other to “meow” on the radio. “Unit 3 what’s your 20 meow.” We didn’t do it too often - it’s not the kind of thing the FCC has a sense of humor about - but at 4 AM we always found it hilarious. Our cops had all watched it; I remember one radio exchange in particular that had me rolling:
Officer #1: Dispatch, I’m 10-8, citation for littering.
Officer #2: Littering and…?
Officer #3: Littering and…?
Sergeant: All units knock it off.

We did something similar at an ambulance company I used to work for, once all the bosses went home for the night. We had several contests to see who could say meow the most on the radio, with bonus points for calling dispatch “radio.”

OK. Hand up. I don’t get it.

When Ramathorn and Rabbit stop the three guys who’ve been smoking pot. Ramathorn says he’s gonna write them a citation for “Littering and… Littering and…”

It has been a while, but i thought it ended with “smoking the reefer”? When did a Sergeant say knock it off?

Whoops, didn’t make myself quite clear. Officer #1 had been out on a stop, and when he cleared he told us he was 10-8 with a citation issued for littering. Officer #2, a wise-ass, promptly keyed up and said, "Littering and…?’ Officer #3, wanting to get in on the joke, keyed up and did the same. At that point their sergeant got on the radio and told them to knock it off. Funny as hell, it was.