Just watched "Super Troopers" (open spoilers)

OMFG, did I love this movie! Undisciplined, smartass, goof-off, practical-joking Vermont State Troopers mess with teenage pot fiends, feud with town cops and solve a major crime almost by accident. One of them even gets the girl! A lot of great laughs, and a terrific ensemble cast. Favorite lines:

“Quit jumping up and down on the bed, would ya?”
“That’s probably not a good idea, Thorny.”
“Open bar!”
“Bacon double cheeseburger… it’s for a cop.”
(In an Irish accent): “I’ll believe that when me shit turns green and tastes like rainbow sherbet!”
“Did your mama teach you how to chug [syrup]?”
“Who wants a moustache ride?”
“I don’t think you’d fit in my panties.”
“Yeeeeeeeeeeeehah! Do you boys like Mex-i-co?”
“The lice hate powdered sugar.”

Anyone else a fan?


I love that movie.

Sir could you move your GIANT COTTON CANDY!

I don’t want a large Farva.

Next on your list should be Beerfest my son.

The first 10 minutes are quite possibly the funniest I’ve seen in any movie. Ever.

“What was the name of that restaurant with all the stuff hanging on the walls.”

Shenanigans! Shenanigans!

Wow. I must have watched the wrong DVD labeled “Super Troopers”. :dubious:

I’ll admit that a lot of people seemed to think this movie was great. I wasn’t one of them. One or two laughs in a sea of uncomfortable boredom.

And I love it how the other cops, with big shit-eating grins, then hold out their guns, butts first, to the captain to administer the pistol-whipping. :smiley:

Tell me more, and compare it to “Super Troopers,” please. I know it’s done by the same comedy troupe, Broken Lizard.

Do we have liter-a-cola?

Bear… bearfucker, do you need assistance?

I found Reno 911 - Miami so much funnier.

You boys like MexEco???

Loved this movie. Thanks for reminding me, I’ll watch it tonight.

Broken Lizard also did Club Dread, but, not so funny. I loved it as I love both slasher movies and Jimmy Buffet. A lot of Buffet jokes in that movie.

Beer Fest is on HBO right now. Very funny.

Ok they challenge the German drinking team to an underground beer drinking contest. Farva plays Landfill, a champion hot-dog eater, Indian guy is a male prostitute. I mean need I say more?

We brewed 30,000 beers a day at the brewery, I drink 42 off the line and I’m the asshole?

I have to go to class so I don’t really have time to go more in-depth than that.

“Do you know how fast you boys were going?”
“But officer, isn’t the speed limit 65?”
“Yeah, it is.”

It smells like sex in here.

Mr. “Sunshine on my goddamn shoulders” John Denver

License and registration… chicken-fucker! Buh-WAHK!

Say Car Ramrod!