Super Tuesday thread

Looks like it’s time to open one.

It will be interesting to see what spin the media will put on Hillary’s near-certain cleanup on Super Tuesday. On the one hand, it will be tempting to view it as a crushing death blow for the Sanders campaign. On the other hand, the race will then move on to states where Sanders should be much more competitive, so anything short of a complete disaster on Super Tuesday should be survivable for Sanders.

Per,, the races to watch are Minnesota, Massachusetts and Colorado. Despite the fact that he will be way behind in delegates at the end of the day, sweeping those would suggest Bernie could have a shot at a comeback. Picking off Oklahoma and/or Tennessee would be really good signs.

My prediction: we will be hearing that Super Tuesday is absolutely crucially important during the leadup to it, and not so much the day after, when the fate of the Republic will be seen to hang entirely on the voters of Kansas and Nebraska.

Prediction: Trump drops out because of YUUUUGE brain tumor that Obama gave him and was created in Kenya. Endorses Mitt Romney.

(A guy can dream…)

Just for those of us who don’t have the participating states memorized:

Alaska Republican caucuses
Colorado caucuses
Minnesota caucuses
Wyoming Republican caucuses

Point of information – and someone correct me if I’m wrong – but I believe Super Tuesday is March 1 for both the Dem and Pub primaries or caucuses and will include Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and Wyoming.

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It will be the BIGGEST BRAIN TUMOR EVER and will convert his neurons into DIAMONDS! All other brain tumors will look like LOSERS next to it!