Superb Owl Drinking Game

Well, with “THE BIG GAME” coming up, I figured we should come up with some drinking game rules. Even for those of us who don’t drink.
Drinks - Event
1 - Announcer says Brady may be the best ever
1 - Archie Manning shown
1 - Gratuitous shot of the Lombardi trophy
1 - Movie ad that shows just the action, nothing about plot
1 - Anything about Tom Brady playing hurt
1 - Skycam makes play impossible to follow
2 - Archie Manning talks on air
3 - Misuse of “end around, reverse, or double-reverse”
3 - Showing a player’s girlfriend
4 - Mention of Jessica Simpson
4 - Archie Manning favors Payton over Eli

20 - Halftime wardrobe malfunction

What do you all have to add?

And on what channel can I watch this Superb Owl? Animal Planet?


I’d like to add any “good interview” moments:

  • “the game is 60 minutes and we have to play all of them”
  • “ultimate respect for them”
  • “just want to help the team”
  • etc.

ETA minus points for any reference to American Idol! (enough, already!)

FOX! :smiley:

“Superb Owl” was, doubtlessly, chosen to stave off the NFL’s legal eagles. My, what sharp, beady little eyes they have, too!

How many drinks for a picture of a depressed-looking Peyton?

When announcers mention:

1- When playing against a team like _____ (NE/NYG) you can’t make a mistake like that.
1- Turnovers are key in this game
4- There must be “incontrovertable” video evidence to overturn the call on the field.
1- That was blown coverage.
1- The offensive coordinator has no “3rd and 14” plays in his playbook
2- That last play makes it a more “manageable” third down.

More to come…

I’m just praying I don’t have to take 20 drinks for a wardrobe malfunction…


1 - Bellichick in his red hoodie
1 - Gratuitous closeup of a hottie in the crowd
1 - Shot of the Patriot’s backup quarterback who never goes in
2 - Fox cross promotion
2 - Closeup of coaches covering their mouth into the headset
2 - Either quarter back doing the “Peyton Pokey”
3 - “Touchdown saving tackle”