Superman and Lois Season 1

After tonight’s episode:

I’m guessing that it’s going to be something where both twins have to be together for them to be “powered.”

I guess that bad writers think it’s dramatic - but it’s so much better when bad guys use their words instead of dropping stupid hints around (unless, of course, it’s The Riddler, because that’s his thing). The bad guy is more likely to achieve his objective, it pushes the plot forward, and the audience doesn’t get annoyed with everyone. Parceling out a stupid mystery isn’t compelling.

It didn’t occur to me at the time, but now that you said it, it’s quite obvious. I was afraid that we would be getting a lot of teen angst about the brothers’ differing abilities, but it seems we’re going to be avoiding that. Not that we won’t see any teen angst, this is the CW after all, just that the angst won’t be about one being super and the other mundane.

Black Luthor is undoubtedly from another Earth, where Kal-El was evil. The question now is, was Black Superman always evil or did he turn evil? Black Luthor seems quite confident that it’s only a matter of time before Superman Prime reveals his true alignment.

I am glad that they are not neglecting the “Lois” part of Superman and Lois and have given Lois her own meaty investigation into Morgan Edge. I am sure that both mundane and super villains are going to get together in the future, especially as Black Luthor has now run out of kryptonite and lost his super suit.

The Luthor twist of last week was redeemed by this week’s show. I love the fact that Captain Luthor is a good guy trying to save the world after losing his due to Superman. He’s misguided, but it makes him far more interesting a villain. It implies that on his world, Superman turned bad, and he’s out to stop it.

I also like that Lois has something to do by exposing Morgan Edge.

The family drama is the heart of the show. Fight scenes bore the hell out of me, but the interactions between the Kent kids and their parents make it more than a dumb superhero show.

Indeed. I’ve always thought that a plot involving two people with mutually incompatible goals, but neither of which are “evil” is much more interesting.

I’m reminded of the final episode of Season 3 of The Expanse, where both sides legitimately thought they were doing the right thing, based on the information they had at the time, and weren’t just evil scheming bastards. Even the guy who turned out to be wrong was acting in a way that would sacrifice his own life in hopes of literally saving the human race.

I like the idea of the Luthor plot, I hate that he doesn’t use his words instead of dropping “cryptic” clues.
If I were General Lane, I would be far more receptive to someone coming up and saying “on my earth, Kal-El was evil” than someone breaching security defenses, causing a few nuclear plants to meltdown, killing multiple soldiers, dropping a weird dogtag on my desk and saying “must…stop…” before shooting their way out.

The show has already been renewed for Season 2.

Yeah, General Lane was too receptive to this guy. I mean, every bad guy says “I’m really the good guy, he’s the real bad guy”.

I think there’s more going on than that. I think General Lane recognized him. I suspect we’re going to find out that Captain Luthor is the doppelganger of a former trusted subordinate/protégé/surrogate son of Earth-1 General Lane, who died, probably in the act of saving General Lane’s life.

Still too easy.

That would be quite a trick, as there wasn’t anything there but an empty suit.

The one from the future superhero group- the Legion, yep. But I dont think the villain.

See post #16.

His voice. The token, with “hELL” etched on the back. The words he used. His personality. I think those were all cues that Earth-? Captain Luthor shares with his Earth-1 doppelganger, which General Lane recognized.

Of course, I could be wrong.

General Lane is often depicted as being hostile to Superman; this version seems quite friendly with him. But he’s got to have doubts. Superman is a living WMD. Any soldier that doesn’t worry about what would happen if he goes rogue is an idiot. I think that Captain Luthor is playing on doubts and worries that General Lane already has. And, again, I think that Captain Luthor is a doppelganger of a similar person on Earth-1, who had a similar relationship with General Lane to the one we saw on Earth-?. He knows General Lane, and knows which buttons to push.

I think.

I could be wrong.

And it’s worth noting that he’s been accumulating essentially all the Kryptonite on Earth, and didn’t tell Superman about that. Sure, he dresses it up as “I was trying to help you by keeping it under control”, but there’s no way a general hasn’t at least thought about how it might be useful to have a large supply of the only thing he knows can hurt Superman.

Otherwise, why keep it a secret?

This empty robot suit or whatever it is just showed up. Sure, the guy has to resent his SIL as any daughter’s father would, and he’s a General which is a comic book (and real life) code word for moron, but surely he’d be a little more circumspect about this. He’s gotta know anybody using the Luthor name might be a bad guy.

They can work with this, Lane could go back and forth on this for a while. It’s not good comic form to be obvious though, if Lane is going to be on Team Luthor it should have been a surprise after he appeared to have been on Team Superman for a while. It’s not only Superman who has to be surprised when he reveals his true intention, it should be us too.

I don’t think he had a chance to introduce himself. He started to warn General Lane about Kal-El turning evil and then Superman burst in and carried him (or rather the empty suit) away. For all General Lane knows, he’s just some rando with a fancy suit and dog tag.

Yes. The only one who called him “Luthor” was his ship, when no one else was there.

So even less reason for Lane to think the guy/suit/robot is legit.

I don’t think he understands the significance of what he was given yet. Captain Luthor’s words just indicated it meant something, but Lane didn’t understand.

I suspect he’ll show it to Clark next week for an explanation.