Superman comic book (circa 1968): how can I find it?

I’ve got a sinking feeling there is no solution, but here goes:

I’m looking for a Superman comic book issue from the 1966-1969 time period. I don’t know the exact issue or exact publish date. All I know is the cover shows this huge space alien slamming Supe into the side of a mountain. He’s threatening to destroy the Man of Steel.

Is there any online index that you can recommend–anything at all?

(My elder brother gave this issue to me when I was a young pup. I later lost it. Lots of good memories over this issue and I’d like to replace it.)

Here’s an index. Is Action #351 the one?

If it is that issue, it’s on auction at eBay right now. Cheap with a little over a day left as of this posting.

No link because that’s a no-no.

Stop asking! It’s a no-no!

Hey, pal, I musta missed it, but did the mods tell us to quit linking to eBay auctions?

IIRC I think the mods don’t want want us obviously pimping our own or others Ebay auctions, but linking to an auction that answers (or may answer) a person’s direct inquiry as to where they can get some obscure or desired item is OK, and I (and other memebers) have posted these links in the past without problems.

Oooh! Zha-Vam! I had that issue. Mom threw it out, of course. I even remember how Supie defeated him!

Wish I could dump some of those memories and store updates in my professional field!

Damn, you’re freakin’ awesome, Biffy, the Elephant Shrew! That’s it! After 25+ years, I can finally sleep a happy man!