Supernatural 11/19/09 "Abandon All Hope"

Very intense episode so far.

I have a feeling not everyone is going to make it through this one. Whenever they take a picture of everyone, it means they can look back on to remember those lost.

I don’t get what happened at the end. Sam and Dean go from wherever that dude (Gabriel?) was digging back to Jim’s room. They just walked away? Nobody tried to stop them?

  1. Uh, it was Lucifer. Have you been watching this year?

  2. Castiel teleported them away and Lucifer grinned. He doesn’t care if they still live. He needs them.

Okay - that was upsetting. Does every female character in the series have to die?

Still, can’t fault it for being a good episode. Love how Castiel teleports by…looking at himself, or something. Nice effect.

Sam, Sam, Sam. You do not have to listen to every creature who vaguely relates to your life story! Sure, you were an angry little brother who fought your father for dominance. But you don’t hold mass murders at midnight over the newly covered grave of the still living!

Apparently not close enough, and not all the episodes. :slight_smile: So who was he looking at at the end when he said “Oh hello, dad”? Satan? Isn’t Lucifer another name for Satan? God?

I didn’t catch Castiel teleporting them away.

Yes, he is the Devil, Satan, or Lucifer. Whatever you want to call him, he’s it. Sam helped bring him out of hell in season 4, unintentionally.

He said, “Hello, Death.”

He has brought forth one of the horsemen of the apocalypse, or something like that.

So where does this leave Sam, Dean, and Castiel then?

God? Is this who they have to find now? Is God the only one who can kill Lucifer?

Ahhhh, that makes a huge difference. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’m curious about the five things that the Colt can’t kill.

The next new episode doesn’t come until late January. That’ll give me time to watch what I’ve missed this season, which is most of it.

I’m guessing, though correct me if I"m wrong, that it is:

Satan and the four horsemen of the apocalypse. And God, I assume.

That’s six, but anyway.

I didn’t hear him say “five”, but I’m going to assume you’re correct.

My guess: God (duh), Lucifer (this was tested last night), Michael (because he’s Lucifer’s older brother, and probably at least as powerful), and Sam and Dean (because they’re under Lucifer’s and Michael’s protection).

My guess -

God, Angels (lucifer is one), Horseman, humans (its just like anyother gun on a human) and kittens.

I’d really hoped that Crowley would be wearing shades, and driving a Bentley.

Not sure about Angels. Castiel seemed to think the plan might work.

Aw man, why’d they have to go and kill both of them? At least one (preferably Jo for the eye candy, but either way) should’ve survived to be all angsty and stuff.

Don’t get why Bobby burned the picture.

God or Michael.

At TWOP someone said it’s traditional, for funerals of hunters. I don’t remember if I’ve seen them do it before, but maybe they don’t always have photos of their friends.

Bye-bye Ellen and Jo, we hardly knew ye!

As for the five things the Colt can’t kill; it seems the most logical answer would be God and the archangels, which I think Lucifer would have been prior to rebelling against God. So it’s God, Michael, Lucifer, Raphael, and Gabriel.

My money is on Gabriel pulling some sort of Trickster scheme to defuse the Apocalypse at the last minute, having been chastened by Dean’s scolding at the end of Changing Channels.

It’s traditional to burn the bodies of hunters at funerals. (So they can’t be zombified, or something.) Since they didn’t have the bodies to burn at a proper funeral, they burned the picture instead.

I’m kind of mezo mezo (as my mom would say) on the episode. It wasn’t bad, but I don’t really care enough about Jo and Ellen for the level of angst the show put on. They weren’t even mentioned for two freaking seasons, it’s not like they were really important characters. I’ve already gotten my head chewed off by some fangirl friends for saying this, though. Oh well.

I didn’t actually think that Dean would be able to kill Lucifer quite that easily, but I also didn’t think he’d get that shot off. The Colt not working …oooooh, that was cool.

That would be my bet (the 5). The number of archangels varies based on tradition, but a minimum of three “higher” ones seems justifiable. Also, the list pretty much has to include God and Lucifer, and once you have Lucifer it’s hard to exclude Michael and Gabriel (same kind of creature).

Sigh. I didn’t like this episode because I’m one of the few female fans who really liked Jo. I liked Ellen too, so this is a double blow. I’d like to think that there’s a way for them not to be dead, but Bella got left in Hell even though Dean didn’t, so it’s not looking good for any of the girls.

Speaking of girls, was anyone else expecting one of the reapers would be their kind of, sort of ally, the chick who tried to reap Dean and later needed to be saved? I figured they’d run into her and get the 411 about what the reaper convention was about.

Me too. And surprised Castiel was unaware. Does Ruby’s knife have the same limitations? It didn’t work on Castiel or Alistair. Also wonder whether that’s five specific beings, or five types of beings.

If the former my guess is: God, Lucifer, Michael, Christ,and Anti-Christ

If the latter, we’ve seen the gun can kill demons and vampires. Not sure if humans count as it would seem they are injured conventionally and not magically. So maybe God, angels or just archangels including the fallen, reapers, archangel hosts, and hybrids (anti-christ kid)?