Supernatural February 11 2011 "Unforgiven"

Again, a very in-between episode. Nice to see that Sam is realizing just how bad he is without a soul, but feeling super bad about that is like Angel feeling bad about what Angelus did. It really is NOT him.

I don’t like the tease at the end of the episode. Death’s wall is not coming down all the way; we saw in the preview for next week that Sam is still fine and is helping Dean on a case.

Your thoughts?

Oh, and next week’s title?

Mannequin 3: The Reckoning

No show has better episode titles than Supernatural.

I actually thought it was a pretty good episode. I liked that they were working on a case and not just hanging around Bobby’s house and being all angsty. I felt bad for Roy and Brenna. I would be okay with more flashbacks of Soulless Sam’s sexytiemz.

I hadn’t made the connection with Angel, but now that you mention it, it is pretty obvious. Supernatural is already a pretty angst-heavy show, I really hope we don’t go too far down that road.

They cemented that crown with Criss Angel Is A Douchebag
I was wondering why they didn’t just call Samuel to ask what the fuck went on last time Sam was in that town. I realize they didn’t exactly part on the best of terms when last they met, but surely a phone call wouldn’t have killed them.

I think that Dean’s last words to Samuel were “the next time I see you, I’ll kill you.”

JMHO, but I don’t think after that he could just call him up for a little chat.

I agree. Best episode title of all time.

I have a question about the couple in the bar who talked to Sam. I realize that the woman (who bears a striking resemblance to Brenna) slept with Sam when he was soulless and so really likes him, and her partner, a man who is understandably hostile around Sam, serve to reveal soulless Sam’s activities, but did they have any other purpose? Usually when characters meet up with the boys more than once in an episode, they serve a greater purpose, but they seem to have just disappeared unless I missed something later in the episode.

P.S. Sorry for the run-on sentences.

Another question I’d like to ask before I forget–I checked Supernatural at IMDB and never found any mention of David Duchovny or Gillian listed as guest stars. Was there ever any talk about a future episode of Supernatural with all three stars of the X-Files appearing? Or maybe even the Lone Gunmen?

Ah, I didn’t remember them leaving things THAT badly.

Still, could’ve had a line about Sam wanting to call Samuel for intel and Dean putting the kibosh on it for the reason you bring up.

No, but Fringe showed a clip of X-files on TV once, referencing it as the predecessor.

Supernatural hasn’t mentioned X-files much.

I think the point was just to introduce that point that Sam had been there before and had made himself memorable to the populace, which just escalated throughout the episode.

AFAIK, Supernatural has only referenced X-Files once, in a season 2 episode where Dean decided he was Mulder and Sam was Scully.

Dean: You’re a red-headed woman.
Sam: :rolleyes:

(And yes, I know that off the top of my head. I am really truly living my life to the fullest.)

But obviously there’s a direct line of influence, and a lot of the people who work for Supernatural behind the scenes previously worked for X-Files.

Supernatural has referenced X-Files a few times, besides the one already mentioned; in Monster Movie, Jaimie (the Beer Wench) says something to Dean like, “so monsters really exist and tge X-Files are real?” to which Dean reesponds, “no, the X-Files is a TV show; THIS is real.”
and in Wishful Thinking, as Sam and Dean discover that ‘bigfoot’ is a ‘porno-alco-holic’ Dean says he might be “sort of like a deep-woods Duchovny.” admittedly that’s not exactly an X-Files reference, but I wonder then how they couldn’t help but notice Samuel’s uncanny resemblance to Skinner…

While watching the episode I was expecting one of them to call Samuel and wondered why they didn’t. Now that you mention Dean’s last words, it does make sense for them not to call him.

They did have that X-Files-like episode complete with an homage to the X-Files opening credits. :smiley:

Maybe the actor playing Skinner is a Shapeshifter. :smiley:

Are you referring to Robert Patrick as the third X-File star?

In another thread about actors working in Vancouver someone mentioned that Supernatural tries to limit the number of guest-stars who live outside Vancouver in order to control costs.

She was later one of the women who went missing (and was apparently spider-fied). There was a scene that showed her getting tripped going down her cellar steps. It later cemented the theory all the women were connected to Sam.

Also - Ha! I used to live near Bristol, RI. I am pretty sure they have no pirate themed seafood place. Also, none of the natives had an accent. Glad RI got a mention though!

The X-Files is a TV show in the both the Supernatural (see Cuckoorex’s quote) and Fringe universes so how could the X-Files agents appear on the show? You’d need to have a show where the X-Files were real rather than a TV show (like Haven, given the slightly veiled reference in the 10th episode to Audrey’s boss knowing Mulder) for a crossover to work, unless they were to appear as “the actors from that X-Files show” like Wil Wheaton’s guest spots on Big Bang Theory rather than in character.

David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, and Robert Patrick (maybe Annabeth Gish) most assuredly would not have to appear as their X-Files characters. It would be nice if the actual actors appeared in wildly different roles and just “winked” at their X-Files personas.

Which was just on TNT reruns yesterday.

I’m finally getting around to watching the show, it’s better than I’d thought it was going to be, and seeing both season 4 and the current season at the same time. It’s weird knowing that somehow Sam loses his soul, but not knowing exactly how (Don’t Tell Me) and wondering how the writers manage to keep them apart for a year (again, Don’t Tell Me).

I agree. I didn’t watch the show when it first aired because the storyline didn’t appeal to me. I watch for the family dynamics, the tough choices the two brothers have to make, and the positive values they cherish. Their good looks are a bonus, as well as Castiel (yummy!)

Not for the unresolved homo-erotic tension?

That’s sick, Cat Whisperer! They’re brothers! Have you no shame?
Uh, how about Castiel demonstrating that angels have no need of clothing?