Supernatural September 30 2011 "Hello, Cruel World"

I wonder if that is the last we will see of Mischa Collins for awhile. I heard he has reduced role this year.

This whole “leviathan” thing seems kind of lame, though. Lucifer appearing to Sam, though, is a lot of fun.

Gather 'round the tube tonight for another adventure with the Winchesters, Castiel, and more.

I do believe the show has jumped the shark. Some time past really.

That said, nice to see the deputy again.

Did we really need another thread on this?

That was a thread? Blink and you’d miss it. Has the love for this show evaporated too (see similarly attenuated Simpsons thread)?

And he was listed as “Special Guest Star”. Of course Jim Beaver’s in almost every episode and is still listed as Guest Star.


Merged threads.

Well…it was exciting and all. The Sam plot was done fairly well. They ACTUALLY talked about what was going on instead of him keeping it secret again. We learned what faux Lucifer’s goal was. And we found a way to temporarily defeat him. Plus, the various Leviathan characters were fun. And there was a killer cliffhanger.

OTOH. I’d rather Cass and Bobby not be dead. Especially without an epic exit.

I get that every bad guy has to have a meat suit because budget. But, leviathans are pre human, so it’s slightly weird that they also possess humans. Although I guess they wouldn’t be in their awesome original bodies since they are in purgatory and therefore dead spirits. So fine, possession.

BUT it still makes no sense for them to crave human flesh. Something that didn’t exist when they were created.

I’ve heard this season is the “on the run season” so I guess they have to get away until they figure out the leviathan Achilles heel.

I suspect that he will be later in the season, but certainly not this early on.

I really hope not, but last season and this season so far (yeah, it’s barely begun) definitely feel less familiar than the Kripke-era seasons. Now, the Leviathans, there’s definitely a Lovecraftian vibe going on, so I hope that the show can mine that for a good storyline. The episode previews and descriptors have some interesting things such as

Egyptian god Osiris is judging people’s lives and killing them if they’re found wanting, and Dean is on trial, with Sam acting as his defense attorney…but Osiris calls a surprise witness; Jo!

And there seems to be no end to the recycling of story elements. Something’s wrong with Sam! Really? When has there NOT been something wrong with Sam? First season, he sees visions. Second season, he’s being groomed to be the demon leader, third season, he starts in with Ruby, then it’s the demon blood, then it’s his all-consuming rage as he’s being courted by Lucifer, then it’s Soulless Sam, now it’s Hell-Shocked Sam. Give poor Sam a break!

I follow Jim Beaver on twitter, and he talks about filming still. He must be alive.

I hope so, but on this of all shows, that’s not necessarily a given. :eek:

Mischa Collins just tweeted this picture.

Is that Chuck and the Trickster(Gabriel)? If so, he must return this season, along with the others.

It sure looks like them.

Heh - they went after “Doctor Sexy” again. :smiley:

Castiel can’t be dead. I predict he’ll show up again next episode.

No! Don’t take them to Sioux Falls hospital! They’ll get their livers eaten!

ETA: Should we maybe do an ongoing thread for the Supernatural season and just add to it? I get the new episodes almost a week after you guys, but I still want to talk about them.