Supernatural February 25 2011 "The French Mistake"

“Mischa? Jensen? What’s with the names in this dimension?”

“Why would anyone want to watch our lives?”

“Well, according to the interviewer, not that many people do.”

Soap Opera Jensen Ackles

They haven’t asked themselves where Jensen and Jared are if they are in their universe.

By the way, I follow Mischa Collins on Twitter and those tweets are pretty accurate to the kind of stuff he says. He’s the best celebrity to follow on Twitter.

He just recently tweeted what he said he tweeted on the show.

Wow, he did! I love that guy!

Did Mischa Collins just die? Hilarious.

As did Singer and Kripke.

Great episode, but I do find myself having a hard time following the “Angel War” storyline. I don’t see Balthazar enough to remember details about him and Raphael has switched bodies more than once(I think, anyway).

I was busting a gut…that was some of the funniest shit I have ever seen on TV.

Are you a fan? You need to see the one last year where they went to a Supernatural convention. It was great, too.

They killed Misha! Those bastards!

Even worse, they didn’t show his turtles.

Seriously though, kick ass episode. Misha went a little too far with his wimpiness act though. It’s just not believable.

But no slash fic jokes this time. I kind of wish I could watch this episode again with a hardcore fangirl. As a casual viewer, I knew some of the background stuff - Sam is married to Ruby in real life, the stuff with Kripke leaving the show after last season, and Misha being a big tweeter.

But I wonder at some of the other stuff. How many of the other ‘real people’ were played by their real life counterparts? I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the real Bob Singer. Is “Ruby” known for having an alpaca and being into environmental stuff? Do the actors not get along in real life? Could he really afford that house? Is there really a fish tank in his trailer? Etc…

The one thing I can answer - not having seen the episode - is that all of the actors on the show seem quite close. Jared and Jensen tell anyone who will listen that they’re best friends; they were roommates for a couple of years and were groomsmen at each others’ weddings. Misha seems to fit in pretty well, based on the gag reels (they’re on youtube and are pretty hilarious), but it’s hard to know how accurate his reports of what goes on behind the scenes are, since his favorite activity is apparently screwing with the fans.

  1. That was Brian Doyle Murray plaing Bob Singer. He’s Bill Murray’s brother and he has seriously aged lately.

  2. I think Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles get along. It was just a funny idea.

  3. I think the idea that Jared’s wife(that was his real life wife) is into environmental things is mostly a “typical holllywood wife” kind of thing to make her into.

  4. Oh, it wasn’t Eric Kripke either.

Heck, what’s next? An animated episode?

Don’t be ridiculous

I thought it was pretty funny although as a newbie I’m sure I missed more than half the jokes. I thought the ending was a little weak though, how it just kind of… stopped. It wasn’t till I woke up the next morning that I realized that was a joke too. Doh!

Maybe because I don’t know anything about the actors, I was so caught up in the “show reality” that the “we’re making a show reality” seemed bizarre. What do you mean they’re not brothers?! That’s so silly! …Oh, yeah. The actual actors are not brothers… Doh!

So was the soap opera past actually real? Also, that hilarious huge picture of Sam riding a horse that was behind his desk – is that from some actual movie the actor was in?

I have now realized that my apartment is seriously lacking in huge visual tributes to myself.

I doubt the picture is real. I bet they made it just to make fun of Jared Padalecki.

The soap opera is real, though. I think he was on Days of Our Lives

Why didn’t “Jensen” tell any Polack jokes to “Jared” when he remarked “So, you’re Polish”? That would be so in character for Dean Winchester.

There’s a lot of funny stuff that they could have done, except it wouldn’t all squeeze into a single hour. The IMDB bios of Jared and Jensen have other targets that would be ripe for mockery, (Dark Angel, Smallville and Gilmore Girls, anyone?) but they probably figured that there was only room for one and picked Days Of Our Lives as the best one.

My favorite moment was when they saw the Vancouver road signs. “Dude - we’re not even in America?” :wink:

Is this actually the first time that the Winchester brothers have gone to Canada for an episode? I do know that most of their hunts do take place on American soil as far as I’ve seen. And what about Mexico, for that matter? They didn’t seem to find the idea of going south of the border to steal what they’d need for the spell too unexpected.

I know, that was hilarious.