Supernatural May 20 2011 "Let it Bleed" and "The Man Who Knew Too Much"

Two episodes tonight, folks.

Who is Ellie? Are we supposed to remember her?

Weird. The quietest finale ever for Supernatural.

And no dealing with Sam having his memories of hell back. Now, they have to go on a “restore Castiel” mission.

What a quiet, odd finale.

I hope they “restore” Castiel. I think they are planning to make Cas the Big Bad next year. (If that’s the case, I am done with this show).

Changing someone’s memory is all well and good, but somehow I think Castiel was too busy to give it much effort. Did he also change the written documents and computer records that say “fatal stab wound to stomach” to “minor head injury from car accident”? And change the memories of every doctor and nurse involved? What happens when Lisa tries to get her insurance to cover an accident which obviously never happened? Isn’t her car still safe in her garage? They are going to investigate the inconsistencies and their memories are going to come back within three episodes of the new season. Maybe two.

I hope Castiel has underlings who carry out his orders because I kind of hate to think of him having to eviscerate puppies with his own hands and wring them out into a jar.

Dean spent 40 years in hell but seems to get along just fine- no PTSD or anything after his initial return episodes. I know Sam was in an isolation ward with Michael and Lucifer and his kid half-brother but how much worse could it have been than gen pop?

Whatever the case, when Castiel said “On your knees before me” all I could think was “So there!”.

And how about the dead boyfriend at home in the living room and the smashed up house?

Why did Raphael get a sex change?

Don’t get me wrong- I still like the show- but at this point it wouldn’t bother me much if they killed Bobby or anybody else because you know they’re going to be back if not in that episode then later in the season. (Jensen Ackles’ previous show) Days of our Lives doesn’t have as many people returning from the dead.

“Sorry, I was the guy who hit you. I uh… drove my car into your home and ran over your boyfriend and some of your possessions and hit you in the head with my vehicle but uh, glad you’re fine!”

It’s kind of hard to feel Dean’s angst and urgency about “She’s dying in my arms! Gotta rush to the hospital!” when obviously Castiel is going to show up and fix her. But I DO feel the angst about “You were my friend and now you’re a crazed god.”

Did Castiel actually break the barrier in Sam’s head, to buy himself some time? Because that’s worse than killing puppies, Cas! Don’t do that stuff!

Maybe he’s faking some of the scariness because Crowley is still watching, or Raphael’s minions are watching and he wants to intimidate them? If not, he’s going to need those souls forcibly vaccuumed out of him or something.

Castiel (while still a run-of-the-mill angel) can walk unnoticed around humans. Two questions:

1- Can Crowley? (I don’t remember if that’s been established or not.)

2- Can angels and demons be invisible/undetectable to others?

I feel sorry for the poor psychic who was blinded when she saw Castiel in a vision, knowing now that not only can he look like a mortal but that he could have heeled her blindness with less than a sneeze.

We didn’t see Raphael’s wings. I wonder if that’s significant.

Crowley made that deal with Castiel while Dean was raking leaves, so I guess humans can’t see him unless he chooses.

I would think angels and demons can be undetectable to each other because otherwise it would be seemingly easy for them to find each other even at a distance. Castiel always seems to know where Dean is, as if homing in on his psychic aura or something, and presumably angels and demons would have even stronger auras, but would have the ability to mask them?
Maybe Raphael sent a fake projection of himself or something. And he sent the female body because he doesn’t like it as much, so it’s expendable.

Oh man, where’s Chuck when you need him?

She was in the “THEN” segement to remind you she was the one who gave them the sword to fight the dragons.

Didn’t Cas said he clipped them before exploding him? Her? Whatever the appropriate pronoun is for a normally male angel in a female meat suit?

I think one of the takeaway lessons from this episode is demons are more reliable than angels when it comes to holding up their end of a deal. Are demons compelled by some higher power to respect the terms of the contracts they make, but angels are just on the honor system? I guess Castiel pulled off his doublecrossing pretty slickly considering how he sucks at lying.

I wonder, did he get ALL the souls out of Purgatory? Are the souls like fuel that you burn through or are they like soldiers where you expect to sacrifice some but ideally they are reusable indefinitely? And finally, does ‘get on your knees and love me’ mean what I’d like it to mean?

He must have been rather upset about Crowley’s comment about being the bottom. That’s probably also what his “other plans” are for the demon.

Please off camera…please off camera.

Bad news.

Mischa Collins will not be a regular in season 7. Supernatural loses an Angel.

NOOOOOOOO! THERE IS NO GODlike being played by Misha!

Bobby’s never been a regular, doesn’t mean he doesn’t still show up all the time (fortunately!)

WAG, budgetary issues and dropping him to guest star again like in season 4 makes some bookkeeper at the CW happier.

“I have no purpose in this scene other than to please my fans with my presence. I’m just standing here and the other characters can’t even see me!” :slight_smile:

I love him excessively, but the stories will probably be stronger if he’s not there to bail out Dean and Sam every five minutes. And the painful heart to heart chats about betrayal could easily get overdone. The Winchesters could fight Cas from afar for awhile, dealing with other stuff too, and also saving Cas in some manly fashion… then have him get demoted back to angel after burning through all his purgatory souls, and everyone can kiss and make up. I think they can do all that in three episodes and then be back to having him in every scene. :slight_smile: Seriously, I love love love Castiel, but he kind of makes Sam and Dean look like helpless children.

I know, but I do wonder if this includes reduced appearances.