Superpower: swap animal sounds

So one day you find that you have the power to swap vocal sounds in animals. For instance, you can make a duck sound like a cow, or a dog sound like a tufted titmouse, or a mandrill sound like a katydid. This change effects only the individual animal that you choose, not the entire species, and lasts until you choose to switch it back again. You can’t make animals speak in human languages and you can’t make humans sound like animals.

Do you use this superpower, and if so, how and why?

Let’s say that this power had a cost–every time you switched an animal voice, somewhere in Madagascar a giraffe weevil turns into a Jordan Almond in a slow and painful process. Do you still use this power?

I suggest you read some of Skald the Rhymer’s hypotheticals - I don’t think you quite get the way it’s done.

A Lion

I can’t think of a situation where I would really want this. Dogs don’t understand when you play practical jokes on them - this just sounds like an impractical joke. :slight_smile:

Unless I’m missing some obvious application for animal sounds?

I’d swap the voices of individual ants with each other just to kill giraffe weevils, I don’t know what they are but they sound icky.

This isn’t so much of a superpower as it is a tediouspower.

The only time I can think of this being useful would be to deter intruders by making my yappy dog sound like a lion or a bear or something.

It could be useful if I really liked jordan almonds and had a big supply of giraffe weevils. I don’t.

The only thing I can think of using it for would be to quiet a neighbor’s yappy dog.

You could also quite guard dogs, to be a more effective thief.

And give people a major scare by making a housefly or something in their house sound like a lion or bear.

And in the process make stealth bears and lions for more effective maulings/assassinations.

Who is Jordan Almond?

Looks like some clarification is in order: you’ll be turning these into these.

Sounds like a decent exchange

Once I had turned Donald Trump’s voice into that of a cicada, I’m not sure what I’d do with it.

Very specific. I charge that you created this entire thread upon the mischevious desire to force every reader to google exactly what a giraffe weevil was. You conniving son of a bitch.

Can I make an e coli sound like an elephant? Major borborygmus!