Supreme Court Announcement Tonight, White House Says


So, tonight at nine we get to find out who the left wing will be arguing against for the next who knows how many months.

My head hurts just thinking about all the cable news arguing and name-calling.


I’m betting Rove’s going to get the nod.

That would solve the problem of his resigning. Put him in a job where he can’t be fired!

The construction seems to place the two clauses in opposition. However being a judicial concervative doesn’t suggest to me that someone would be more likely to side with a plantiff in a civil case. Is there something in conservatism that suggests it should?

That’s not funny!

If I were a betting man I’d put my cash on Gonzales. He’s already been through one confirmation hearing so much of the dirty laundry has already been aired. He has enough of a willingness to not rule in lockstep with the radical right on abortion that the left may be willing to let him through with token resistance. I think both sides are going to save the bulk of their resources for the second confirmation hearing, when Rehnquist either dies or resigns at the end of the next session. That will give Bush the opportunity to nominate someone truly appalling (as opposed to mildly appalling like Gonzales) and as an added bonus it’ll give all the Republican Senate candidates running against incumbent Democrats ammunition for their 2006 attack ads.

Look on the bright side. It will pre-empt a Larry King interview.

It got leaked early to most of the news sources.

He’s nominating Judge John G. Roberts. Gentlemen, start your engines…